Affiliate Program

Anyone can join our Affiliate Program - it is completely free.

An Affiliate Program (also known as a referral program) is an easy way to earn money. Place an affiliate button or text link on your site that causes visitors to click through to our website. You earn commission each time a product is sold to a person who came from your website.

How it Works

You sign up for the Affiliate Program and receive a link from us. You place the link on your site. The link allows us to track visitors that come from your site. If they buy our software, you'll get 15% commission. To make it even more profitable for you, we will pay you 25% commission in the first 30 days! So if the first week five visitors of your website, forum, or blog buy FontCreator professional edition you will earn $498.75.

Affiliate Control Panel

Your earnings will be tracked in your Affiliate Control Panel, including clicks and conversions.

Become an Affiliate

Do you have a website, forum, or blog? Then sign up for free and start earning money right now. Join our Affiliate Program now!