FontCreator Comparison Chart

FontCreator Professional incorporates all features available in the other editions and also includes several additional features.

Home Standard Professional
Price in US$
License Restrictions
Can be used for commercial purposesIf you have created a font without using anything from other fonts, it is your property. You have to buy the standard or professional edition if you want to use your fonts for commercial purposes. No Yes Yes
Font Formats
Project based font editor Yes Yes Yes
Opens TrueType and OpenType font files (.ttf and .otf) Yes Yes Yes
Saves TrueType and OpenType font files (.ttf and .otf) Yes Yes Yes
Opens Web Open Font Format (WOFF) font files Yes Yes Yes
Saves Web Open Font Format (WOFF) font files Yes Yes Yes
Opens scalable color font files Yes Yes Yes
Saves scalable color font files Yes Yes Yes
Extract TrueType fonts from TrueType Collections Yes Yes Yes
Unicode and code page support Yes Yes Yes
Outline Editing
Quadratic-based contours (used with TrueType based outlines) Yes Yes Yes
Cubic-based contours (used with CFF / PostScript based outlines) Yes Yes Yes
Basic vector paint tools Yes Yes Yes
Advanced contour operationsThese contour operations (union, intersection, exclusion and knife) allow you to merge and split contours and are invaluable for consistent glyph design. Union, intersection and exclusion are used to join several overlapping contours. The knife is used to split contours. No Yes Yes
Optimize contours Yes Yes Yes
Guidelines Yes Yes Yes
Import vector based images (SVG, EPS, AI, PDF, IGES, etc) Yes Yes Yes
Import raster based images (BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, etc) Yes Yes Yes
Copy glyph outlines as vector data to the clipboardIt allows you to quickly copy and paste to and from other vector based image editing software like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and Serif Affinity Designer. No No Yes
Batch transform glyphsThis feature allows you to transform multiple glyphs or even a whole font at once. There are numerous transform scripts available that will turn your font into a bold, italic, hollow or condensed typeface. You can also create your own scripts that for example will rotate, mirror or resize your glyphs. No Yes Yes
Manual editing of composite glyphs Yes Yes Yes
Automatic composite glyph generationAlthough English doesn't use diacritical marks anymore, most Western languages (Dutch, French, etc.) do. This powerful feature allows you to add a wide range of accented characters to an existing font within seconds. No Yes Yes
Advanced Typography
Automatic hintingThis feature automatically adds instructions to fonts, which at small sizes help improve readability on screen. Yes Yes Yes
OpenType features are preserved upon opening a font Yes Yes Yes
Default OpenType Layout FeaturesEnrich your fonts by adding numerous OpenType Layout features (e.g. Ligatures). This way a sequence of characters will be replaced with a single ligature (if supported by the external software). Yes Yes Yes
Custom OpenType Layout FeaturesWith this feature you can define custom OpenType Layout Features. Yes Yes Yes
Import VOLT projectsAllows you to import Microsoft Visual OpenType Layout projects. No No Yes
Manual kerning Yes Yes Yes
Class based kerning Yes Yes Yes
Automatic kerningMost fonts need adjustment of horizontal space between individual characters so that they look better when used together. For example A and V are often moved closer together, to create visually equal spaces. Although it is possible to add kerning pairs one by one, the easiest way to add kerning to a font is to use Automatic kerning. No Yes Yes
Optical MetricsOne of the most complex and time consuming tasks in font design is finding the best spacing for each individual character, so it looks good in combination with other characters. The Optical Metrics feature analyzes a set of most common characters and then uses an algorithm to find the best left and right side bearings of each of these glyphs. No No Yes
Unicode variation sequences Yes Yes Yes
Test and Installation
Preview fonts before installing (Windows and web browsers) Yes Yes Yes
Font installation wizard Yes Yes Yes
Quality Control
Automatic font repairWhen opening fonts, FontCreator can fix almost all conflicting and incorrect font settings and will try to repair invalid and corrupt fonts Yes Yes Yes
Font validation wizardDesigning glyphs can be very complicated. The font validation wizard identifies common potential problems and if possible points you to the specific item (e.g. glyphs, contours and coordinates). It validates all glyphs and optionally fixes detected problems. No Yes Yes
Real-time glyph validationThis feature locates and solves the same problems as the font validation wizard, but is always available as it is located on a Toolbar. There are several buttons on the Validation toolbar that will solve most problems. No Yes Yes
Other Features
Editing of font naming fields Yes Yes Yes
Editing of glyph names (free text and find and replace) Yes Yes Yes
Editing of glyph metrics (both manual and automatic) Yes Yes Yes
Insert characters featureThis feature allows you to quickly add new characters to your fonts, without worrying about invalid character to glyph mappings and missing postscript names. Yes Yes Yes
Maximum number of glyphsFonts can never contain more than 65,535 glyphs, as that is a technical limit within the font specification. So fonts with more than 65,535 glyphs will not work and don't exist. 65,535 65,535 65,535
Maximum number of charactersFonts can contain as many characters as you wish, but keep in mind there is a 65,535 glyph limit. unlimited unlimited unlimited
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