FontCreator - Release History

FontCreator [April 16, 2018]
  • Support for WOFF 2.0
  • Fixed issue with exporting CFF based WOFF files
  • Several user interface improvements
FontCreator [March 5, 2018]
  • Several user interface improvements
FontCreator [February 22, 2018]
  • Support for Unicode variation sequences
  • Comes with ttfautohint version 1.8.1
  • Open contours while designing fonts
  • Export as single line font (Open contours are not allowed in fonts, so FontCreator will do some magic to make fonts look like single line fonts which can be used for engraving)
  • Support for last resort fonts
FontCreator [January 21, 2018]
  • Bug fix recognizing non-assigned code points
  • Fixed visual glitch related to XPlacement value
  • Allow Complete Category for all Unicode blocks
  • Fixed display problem with Arabic fonts in Microsoft Word
FontCreator [September 8, 2017]
  • Bug fix related to exporting CFF based fonts, which was introduced in v11.0.0.2407.
  • Several other improvements
FontCreator [September 6, 2017]
  • Fixed glyph name issue with exported CFF based fonts
  • Several other improvements
FontCreator [August 30, 2017]
  • Improved OpenType layout feature preview
  • Improved AutoKern and Optical Metrics
FontCreator [August 23, 2017]
  • Unicode 10 support
  • Improved OpenType layout feature preview
  • New context menu option in Preview to copy input as text to clipboard
  • Improved AutoKern and Optical Metrics
  • Fixed duplicate anchors issue
  • Glyphs shown in edit glyph name feature(s)
  • Improved class name generation
  • Fixed outline movement misalignment
  • New option to keep existing glyph names on opening a font
FontCreator [June 2, 2017]
  • Inserted contours that overlap are now added as filled contours
  • Improved auto-update
  • Improved suspicious points detection
  • Improved font installer
  • Extended New Contour with right-click (quadratic based contours only)
  • Bug fix in processing chained context substitution
  • Enhancements to the OpenType feature code syntax
FontCreator [May 22, 2017]
  • Bug fix: font install issues
  • Bug fix related to contour selection
  • More changes to the way vector based images are imported
  • Several tweaks
  • Update: improvements to help and manual
FontCreator [May 13, 2017]
  • Bug fix: failed to save Unicode code-points beyond the first plane
  • Bug fix: failed to edit custom naming fields
  • Update: improvements to help and manual
FontCreator [May 10, 2017]
  • Support for cubic bezier curves (CFF/ PostScript based outlines)
  • High DPI (Large Fonts) support
  • New icon set
  • Font validation improvements (and new Suspicious points)
  • Improved Complete Composites
  • Enhancements to Transform scripts
  • Auto kern now allows composite glyphs to follow base glyph. Also added option to exclude lowercase-lowercase pairs.
  • Vertical metrics support as requested here. Vertical metrics are only useful with fonts that are used for vertical writing, so in general you'll only need to add it in CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) fonts.
  • Support for launch custom externals
  • Improved the installed fonts dialog
  • Show angle (with a single point) or distance (between two selected points) in status bar
  • Move cubic control points while forcing "C1 continuity" by holding down the "ALT" key while moving the points.
  • Updated OpenType features and languages lists
  • Class Manager -> added option in Select Class Members dialog to filter by AnchorClass
  • Option for Glyph Fill Opacity in Glyph Edit window
  • Improved extreme control point detection
  • Improved moving cubic points
  • Select Multiple Glyphs in Insert Glyph Member to Composite Glyphs
  • Convert all outlines to either quadratic or cubic
  • New Project dialog to support predefined outlines as either cubic or quadratic
  • Cubic outlines, select on curve point and press 'S' to force C1
  • Cubic outlines, select on curve point and press 'D' to force vertical or horizontal alignment
  • Improvements to Add Script, Language, Feature, Lookup dialog
  • Added a round coordinates button (R)
  • Fixed AutoKern (and Optical Metrics) bug
  • Added a smooth, smooth and align, and round coordinates in context menu (point mode only)
  • Glyph names -> search and replace as well as bulk replace
  • New "smart delete points" (backspace)
  • Copy and paste path from Photoshop
  • Show codepoint of selected glyph in composite glyph member dialog
  • Optical Metrics no longer wipes the 'use this glyphs metrics' flag
  • Insert Contour feature will now allow you to define quadratic and cubic curves; based on TrueType outline format in Export settings.
  • Insert Contour feature will now use click and drag to make curves; right-click no longer adds off curve points (would otherwise be a challenge with cubic curves).
  • Allow FontCreator to use more memory, which is needed to open/save large font projects. FontCreator can still run out of memory if it requires a large block of memory but can't find any due to memory fragmentation. A 64 bit version has access to more memory, so that is the future.
  • Replace glyph member within Glyph Edit window. Select one, and right-click, then click replace...
  • Show Transform toolwindow when editing composites
  • Minor improvements related to the Background toolwindow
  • Provide correct contour direction when inserting rectangle and ellipse contours
FontCreator [December 20, 2016]
  • Improved OpenType layout feature preview: rand (Randomize) now shows random alternates
  • Bug fix related to Auto Kern and Optical Metrics
FontCreator [December 9, 2016]
  • Improved Search dialog
  • Bug fix related to exporting CFF based fonts
  • A couple of minor tweaks
FontCreator [December 6, 2016]
  • Fixed the Access violation in FCOutDrw.dll
  • Solved the problem that OpenType CFF font files took forever to open
  • Solved the overlapping and intersecting contour issue
  • Reduced the amount of memory need to open and save fonts and font projects
FontCreator [November 30, 2016]
  • Improved glyph outline editor
  • Autokern unmapped glyphs
  • Color-coding of kerning pairs in list box
  • Added language option in WOFF Test page
  • Paste (and paste special) supports Anchors
  • Complete composites (CompositeData.xml) supports glyph names
  • Extensive updates to Complete Composites for Latin Extended-B, C, D, and for unmapped glyphs
  • Improved display of glyphs
  • Fill color in OpenType Designer
  • New insert glyphs transform feature
  • Smart glyph navigation based on active category
  • Improved detection of overlapping kerning classes
  • Support for feature params in OpenType code compiler for character variants, optical size, and stylistic sets
  • New [+] button in OpenType Designer to add selected OpenType feature glyphs to preview
  • Some minor enhancements and bug fixes
FontCreator [July 4, 2016]
  • Fixed Windows 10 incompatibility issues with CFF based OpenType fonts
  • Improved contour direction detection
  • Updated naming language id list
  • Improved preview of OpenType layout features
  • Visually reversed order of backtrack in chaining context lookups
  • Updated OpenType layout feature script, language, and feature tags
  • Several minor improvements
FontCreator [June 28, 2016]
  • Fixed the broken complete composites feature
  • Bug fix in the OpenType layout features
FontCreator 10.0 [June 22, 2016]
  • Unicode 9 support, including 72 new emoji characters and support for several lesser-used languages
  • New vector based import of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • Copy and paste as SVG between FontCreator and other vector editing software, e.g. Inkscape, and Adobe Illustrator
  • Auto correct contour directions on importing an SVG
  • Contour optimize feature which reduces the number of points (nodes)
  • New glyph transformer features (optimize contours, inverse effect, and select range of glyphs by glyph name)
  • Improvements related to OpenType layout features
  • Added support for design and supported languages tags (dlng and slng in the sfnt font table meta)
  • New extend corner feature which allows you to make adjustments to a curve without interfering with the adjacent curve
  • Ellipse tool draws a "perfect circle" with 20 nodes instead of 12 if drawn at very large sizes
  • New vector based import of Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) files
  • Tag enhancements (indication in Glyph Edit window, tag context menu items, toggle, and shortcuts)
  • Improved font validation checks
  • Added Total Points to the Font Information dialog
  • Improved Knife Tool cursor
  • New Pan with middle mouse button
  • Shift + Q/W to select multiple points with the keyboard (implemented for both point and contour mode)
  • Pre-processing of images (scaling up small bitmaps before tracing contours will improve the results)
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes
FontCreator [February 9, 2016]
  • Several bug fixes related to OpenType layout features
  • Updated ttfautohint to version 1.5
FontCreator 9.1 [January 29, 2016]
  • Several bug fixes; mainly related to OpenType layout features
  • Support for custom font weights
  • Unicode 8 support
  • Export all open font projects
  • Supporting VOLT 1.4 projects
FontCreator 9.0 [June 9, 2015]
  • OpenType Designer which allows you to visually edit OpenType Layout Features including, but not limited to:
    • OpenType class based kerning
    • Mark to Base, Mark to Mark, Mark to Ligature, and Cursive attachments
    • Substitutions like ligatures and alternates
    • Anchor Manager
  • Import of Visual OpenType Layout (VOLT) projects
  • Unicode 7 support
  • New settings added to the web font test page
  • Copy glyph outline as vector data to clipboard
  • Optimised font export
  • Improved optical metrics
  • Enhanced auto kerning
FontCreator 8.0 [June 5, 2014]
  • Visual editing of OpenType Layout Glyph Positioning (GPOS) including, but not limited to:
    • OpenType based kerning pairs
    • Mark to Base and Mark to Mark attachments
    • Anchor Manager
  • CFF based exporting
  • Unicode 6.3 support
  • Complete unicode blocks
  • Redesigned font export workflow
  • Better automatic hinting
  • Easier editing of customizable data files
FontCreator 7.5 [August 2, 2013]
  • Added support for scalable color fonts
FontCreator 7.0.1 [June 21, 2013]
  • Added glyph tagging
  • Added glyph name generation
  • OpenType Layout Feature glyph name list updated
  • Added support for "Multiple" substitutions in the OpenType Layout Feature Editor
  • Added support for multiple backtrack, input and lookahead groups for chained contextual lookup tables
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements
FontCreator 7.0 [April 25, 2013]
  • Completely redesigned overview window
  • Opening and exporting of fonts in WOFF file format
  • OpenType Layout Features
  • Project based font editing
  • More operations have Undo/Redo support
  • Support for Jumplists and Taskbar progress in Windows 7 and up
  • Optical Metrics
FontCreator 6.5 [November 8, 2011]
  • Added override range feature
  • Updated registered vendor data
  • User editable sample text in font test dialog
  • Free Draw
  • Enhanced the visual validation feedback within the glyph edit window
  • Improved preview toolbar
  • Auto correct postscript names on loading a font
  • Support for OpenType fonts which exceed CFF Subroutine stack limits
FontCreator 6.2 [October 13, 2010]
  • Updated Unicode data to version 6.0
  • Added Position transform feature
  • Improved import of vector based images
  • Extended composite data
  • Several new and updated transform scripts
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes
FontCreator 6.1 [March 25, 2010]
  • Automatic online version checking
  • New toolbar: window tabs
  • Mouse wheel zoom support (glyph edit window)
  • Full Unicode support
  • Performance enhancements
  • Font installation fix for Windows x64
  • Numerous other improvements and bug fixes
FontCreator 6.0.1 [July 18, 2009]
  • Improved import vector based images
  • Improved support for Windows Big5, PRC, and Wansung
  • Enabled Font Test during trial period
  • Fixed Font Install issue
FontCreator 6.0 [June 17, 2009]
  • Added import vector based images (ai/eps/pdf)
  • Improved import raster based images
  • Advanced drag and drop support
  • Added alphanumeric to the glyph sort feature
  • Updated font vendor list
  • Background image enhancements
  • Improved complete composites
  • New feature that copies existing glyph to the background image
  • Improved codepage calculation
  • Enhanced the Smoothing (Grayscale) window
  • Improved cubic to quadratic bezier curve conversion (affects AI/EPS/PDF imports as well as .otf to .ttf conversions)
FontCreator 5.6 [July 19, 2007]
  • Improved complete composites (automatically generates outlines for over 2000 glyphs!)
  • New and improved transform scripts (for example make a bold version, or add Eastern Europe characters within seconds)
  • Auto Center and Zoom Glyph when Window is resized
  • Launch MainType from the Tools, Launch Externals Submenu or the button on the Standard toolbar
  • Glyph caption in Overview window now supports "Symbol Character", used to be ISO
  • Improved glyph validation performance
  • Numerous enhancements to the transformation features
  • Improved background image support
  • Enhanced the Kerning window
  • Option to resume from last time
  • Added a Calculate button to the "Additional Metrics"
  • Added the glyph index to the min/max values within the Font Properties window
  • Save As and Sort Font buttons
  • Added "Open in New Window" when you right-click a composite glyph member
  • Metrics and reference lines in the Glyph Edit window
  • New feature that ensures valid PostScript glyph names
  • Added import kerning pairs with their values
  • Added Open link in webbrowser buttons to specific naming fields
  • New fonts come with predefined outlines
  • Sort glyphs by Microsoft code points, standard Macintosh ordering, PostScript name, or glyph type
FontCreator 5.5 [May 30, 2006]
  • Changed product name from Font Creator to FontCreator
  • Enhanced user interface with additional buttons for frequent commands
  • More shortcuts and commands to context menus
  • Support for Unicode input (At least Windows 2000 or Windows XP is required)
  • New drawing tools: rectangle and ellipse
  • Improved glyph validation
  • Improved PANOSE settings
  • Added a font preview to the open installed fonts dialog
  • Improved the font test dialog
  • Added align and distribute operations
  • Improved transform wizard (added Insert Characters and Complete Composites)
  • Improved "Select Incomplete glyphs"
FontCreator 5.0 [January 12, 2005]
  • Changed product name from Font Creator Program to Font Creator
  • Better support for adding (ranges of) characters
  • More calculation support in the Font Settings window
  • Enhanced grid options
  • Snap to grid and snap to guidelines for bearings
  • Support for CFF based OpenType fonts (.otf files)
  • Complete composites; quickly add diacritical marks to incomplete glyphs
  • Contour operations: union, intersection, exclusion and knife
  • Bearings tab on the Transform toolbar
  • Improved glyph validation
  • Comparison toolbar
FontCreator 4.5 [August 17, 2004]
  • Set Left Side Bearing at x=0 (see Tools -> Options -> Font)
  • Better support for assigning code points from the Supplementary Planes
  • Glyph Transformation window (scale, rotate, etc. all glyphs)
  • Select incomplete glyphs. This way you can delete unwanted glyphs
  • Bookmark support in the Overview window
  • Improved Import Image feature
  • Added drag and drop support for import image on both Overview and Glyph Edit windows
  • Added Launch Externals from Tools menu for Fonts folder and CharMap
  • Next and previous contour – walk through. (Q and W)
  • Snap to grid and guideline support when creating a new contour
  • Lock guidelines support
  • Extended the Naming tab on the Options window. This information is added when you create a new font through File --> New
  • Generate postscript names feature added to the Postscript Names window
  • Calculate supported Unicode ranges on Font Settings --> Ranges tab
  • Calculate supported codepages on Font Settings --> Ranges tab
  • Added predefined preview text (preview.txt) used by the Preview toolbar
FontCreator 4.1 [December 1, 2003]
  • Improved support for Supplementary Multilingual Planes (SMP)
  • Added snap points to diagonal guidelines
  • Extended search glyph functionality
  • Added measurement feature
  • New freehand selection toolbar button
  • Improved redundant point validation
  • Changed the Validation report into a wizard
  • Added auto fix functionality that solves detected validation problems
  • Added Sort Glyphs feature
  • Enhanced the paste special feature
  • Minor tweaks
FontCreator 4.0 [May 16, 2003]
  • Windows XP Theme support
  • Improved Open Installed Fonts window
  • Added High-Logic Online in Help menu
  • Sample glyph to be used on empty glyphs
  • Zoom to selected
  • Improved Import Image feature
  • Several new toolbar buttons
  • Snap to grid (points and contours and glyphs)
  • Snap to user defined guidelines (points and contours and glyphs)
  • Split TrueType Collection or Extract TrueType Fonts from TrueType Collection
  • Glyph Validation features
  • Added import kerning pairs support to the AutoKern feature
  • A Font Creator Program Explorer context menu item
FontCreator 3.1.3 [December 9, 2002]
  • Improved the AutoNaming wizard
  • Improved Unicode support in the Preview window
  • Improved Unicode support in the Naming fields
FontCreator 3.1.2 [November 29, 2002]
  • Added Insert Glyph toolbar button
  • Added more shortcuts
  • New naming wizard
FontCreator 3.1.1 [November 3, 2002]
  • Fixed paste special mapping bug
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Improved the help file
FontCreator 3.1 [October 3, 2002]
  • Added a complete the help file
  • Added background image support
  • Some minor improvements
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs
FontCreator 3.0.2 [November 3, 2000]
  • Added combine and split contours functionality
  • Fixed two minor bugs
FontCreator 3.0.1 [October 7, 2000]
  • "Make simple" that converts composite glyphs to simple glyphs.
  • New "Find" option that enables you to find glyphs through their postscript name or mapping values.
  • "Preview Window" where you can see a sample text while editing your glyphs.
  • Improved the undo redo functionality.
  • Copy and paste selections of glyphs.
  • Character to Glyph Index Mappings now show the Unicode Character Names.
  • Add mappings through the Unicode Block Selection Feature.
  • The kerning window shows the two glyphs in the same area.
  • PCL5 window.
  • AutoMetrics.
  • AutoKern.
  • Updated the tutorial.
  • A lot of other minor improvements and new features.
FontCreator 3.0 Beta 1 [July 30, 2000]
  • A complete rebuild of the software.
FontCreator 2.2 [January 30, 2000]
  • Updated the tutorial (to version 2.2).
  • Fixed Windows NT access problem with registry and installed fonts.
  • Extended the naming fields also added load and save functionality.
  • Added Monospaced support; adjust distance between letters (requested by Richard R. Kramer and Eric K. Braun).
  • Added more keyboard shortcuts; read the tutorial regarding simple glyphs for specific information.
  • Small adjustments to the templates; version field was not correct.
  • Added an optionally fixed zoom level when opening a glyph. (Antony Shipley mentioned this one).
  • Various tiny bug fixes and enhancements.
FontCreator 2.1 [November 14, 1999]
  • Updated the tutorial (to version 2.1).
  • Improved the default new font templates. The symbol template used wrong mappings.
  • Added drag and drop functionality to open font files dragged from the explorer to FCP.
  • Added Naming fields License Agreement and License Agreement Link.
  • The Position and the Size Tab on the Transformation Tool Bar now have the actual location and size of the selected contours.
  • Added "Select All" functionality for both contours and points.
  • If a composite glyph used two or more times a same glyph (like the double-quote ") only one was removed when trying to delete the used glyph.
  • A composite glyph should be set to an empty glyph after all its used glyphs are removed.
  • Added "delete gaspranges" available through right-click from menu-item "grayscale..".
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when closing FCP while two or more fonts were still opened.
FontCreator 2.0 [August 30, 1999]
  • The created and modified date and time properties were not handled correctly.
  • Bug fixed (introduced in version 1.2.1) that resulted in only square (or empty) characters in the test window.
  • Bug fixed that prohibited deleting glyphs in fonts without kerning.
  • The Font Creator Program now prevents exceptions when encountering wrong registry keys when opening the installed fonts window.
  • Added 'Use my metrics' to composite glyph window.
  • Bug fixed that caused an exception when removing the kerning table.
  • Improved the "New Fonts..." feature.
  • Code mappings from the General->Cmap menu item now works with both decimal and hexadecimal values (Thanks to Michael von Glasow).
  • Now you can select what header (postscript name or map codes) is shown above the glyphs in the overview window (Suggested by Tom Thornton, Eric Dowty, Anders Sande and a lot of other people)
  • Set the maximum length of the Font Family Name to 31. Otherwise Windows does not recognize the font.
  • Fixed a small but annoying samplebar bug.
  • Added more info in statusbar while editing simple glyphs.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't enable the paste button when another Font Creator Program performed a copy operation.
FontCreator 1.2.3 [August 1, 1999]
  • Added functionality that changes the bearings in the glyph edit windows.
  • Some minor bug fixes.
  • Panose information swapped the wrong way. (This bug and the two below were noticed by Uwe Schröder)
  • Width classification bug fixed.
  • Handling of backup files didn't work properly.
FontCreator 1.2.2 [June 12, 1999]
  • First release of the tutorial!
  • Added Grayscale support. Found in General->Grayscale...
  • Pasting bitmap from clipboard is now allowed (in glyph edit window).
  • Bug fixed, now hinting will be removed when editing a glyph. This was not always the case in version 1.2.1.
  • Added a SpinEdit to the Threshold in the Image to Contour window.
  • Fixed a bug with the glyphs advanced width and left side bearings.
  • Added ascent and decent lines in glyph edit window.
FontCreator 1.2.1 [June 2, 1999]
  • Kerning glyphs
  • Preserve unknown tables
  • Preserve hinting in font and/ or glyphs. Hinting will only be removed when editing a glyph
  • Reserved Postscript names are mapped to the .notdef name
  • FCP now 'highlights' unused glyphs (actually a little box is shown in the glyph overview window)
FontCreator 1.2 [May 26, 1999]
  • New advanced feature Image to Glyph conversion added - available from Contours->Import Image... Finally you can add your signature, logo and complete handwriting into your own fonts!
  • Added High-Logic [HL] to the Vendor List!
  • After saving a font file the font is assumed to be unmodified. This improves the functionality added in version 1.1.4.
FontCreator 1.1.4 [May 15, 1999]
  • Improved the Splash screen.
  • Overlapping points are now drawn as one point. This prevents an even number of points on the exact same position to hide themselves out.
  • Improved the Change setting for Unicode <-> Symbol.
  • Now FCP does a better job of remembering what fonts have been modified. In other words, fonts that not have been changed are now closed without the annoying warning of "saving the font Y/N?". (Thanks to Gwidon S. Naskrent). One more thing; because FCP isn't able to see wheather there's changed anything in a 'General' menu item, FCP assumes the font has been changed if one of those menu items has been selected.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when closing all windows at ones. It will still occur when you have opened more than 100 fonts at ones.
  • About the Transformation Toolbar - changed the minimum value of the Size edit boxes from -32767 to 1 and changed the direction from the y-axis.
FontCreator 1.1.3 [April 22, 1999]
  • Fixed a strange bug that occurred when using a mousewheel after FCP was shell executed because an associated file got opened.
  • Finished the toolwindow mentioned in release 1.1.2. Jeff Williams encouraged me to make this feature so manual changes could be made.
  • Added 'snap to grid' support. (Gave it a higher priority thanks to Jeff Lee)
  • Changed the way the actual grid point size behaves. Now it really helps when trying to line up those long lines.
  • The functionality of the 'New contour' feature has been changed. Now the user has to design the contour (manually draw the points). This makes it a lot easier to quickly add contours.
  • Also a lot of small changes and some internal restructuring has taken place.
  • The 'testing a font' feature inside the Font Creator Program now supports printing.
FontCreator 1.1.2 [April 9, 1999]
  • Double-click in the Glyph Edit window now changes from contour mode to point mode and back.
  • Multiple Undo and Redo Boxes like MS products.
  • Associating the .ttf extension to FCP was never a problem but now it is able to restore the association to the previous application.
  • Finally fixed a bug that sometimes occurred while pasting a large number of glyphs, contours or points.
  • New Floating and dockable toolbars so now FCP has an even more professional interface.
  • Added a checkbox that specifies whether the Font Creator Program should redraw the editing screen while moving contours and points.
  • Started with a toolwindow where you can edit contours and points by typing coordinates etc. This is not finished yet...
FontCreator 1.1.1c [March 15, 1999]
  • Better way of testing the fonts inside FCP, now all character sets are available.
FontCreator 1.1.1b [March 14, 1999]
  • Some small fixes, but the improvements are quite big!
  • Updated the new font templates.
  • Added some features in the Metrics menu item. Previous versions prevented installing and creating Symbol fonts.
FontCreator 1.1.1a [March 11, 1999]
  • Completely redesigned the font installation procedure. Now you are guided through a Wizard, making it possible to inform you when a font is already installed.
  • Open installed font file located in a folder other than the default windows folder now works as expected.
  • Backups for fonts located in the default windows font folder are saved to the fcp folder. This way Windows won't get confused about which fonts actually are installed.
  • Fixed byte versus smallint bug. Some composite glyphs had an unexpected change of the x-offset -- Henry Kammler thanks for reporting this bug.
  • Added color to the glyph captions. This option (like a lot of other options) can be changed through the "Edit->Options" menu item.
  • Made the char grid navigable via arrow keys. The scrollbar lost focus. Gwidon S. Naskrent mentioned this bug and a lot of good tips.
  • When a font has corrupted glyphs they won't show up, you'll see a red rectangle instead.
FontCreator 1.1.1 [March 3, 1999]
  • Some major bug fixes and a lot of new features added.
  • Finally all required internal font properties are available.
  • New bearings button added.
  • New Table Info menu item added.
  • Some useful tips through the 'tip of the day' feature.
  • A lot of index properties changed to descriptions.
  • New functionality -- convert between Unicode to Symbol Platform.
FontCreator 1.0.8 [February 21, 1999]
  • Added new menu item "Mode" where you can change between contourmode and pointmode while editing a simple glyph.
  • Extended the glyph properties window.
  • New settings window added to the General menu item.
  • Some major/ fundamental bug fixes, according to deleting contours and points.
  • Changed the way of inserting and deleting glyphs. Now all edit-glyphs windows of the current font have to close before you can perform those operations.
  • More options added to the "Edit -> Option" menu item.
  • Added some new internal calculations, improves the quality of the font file.
  • The "File -> New..." menu item has been implemented. You can choose between a new symbol font and a normal (Unicode) font.
  • Added some settings like glyph width, height and size at overview and samples window.
FontCreator 1.0.7 [February 16, 1999]
  • Some major bug fixes.
  • Found some nasty bugs in the Undo, Redo and Repeat functionality.
FontCreator 1.0.6 [February 7, 1999]
  • Some minor changes (button and window positions, sizes etc...)
  • Registry items like recently opened files, position and size of mainform and tool window(s).
  • Registration window, for registered users. At the moment it doesn't mean they get more features. But future versions will have some restrictions for unregistered users.
  • New edit window for changing a glyph's internal name.
  • Fixed a bug with the zoomin button.
  • Fixed a bug with selecting multiple contours.
FontCreator 1.0.5 [January 25, 1999]
  • Fixed problem with locating the help file. Fixed thanks to Tom TCNS, Derek Baker and Del Fullmer.
  • Open Font files now allows you to open fonts in the Windows font directory.
FontCreator 1.0.4 [November 4, 1998]
  • Fixed a couple of submenu (right-click menu's) items that where not attached to the existing functionality.
  • Corrected our e-mail and web-site address in the help file.
  • A little more documentation in the help file. Working on this one, but it will take some time.
  • Direct connection through the program to a file at our site, of course only if the user (you) want this!
FontCreator version 1.0 [April 11, 1998]
  • First public release
FontCreator Preview release [November 1, 1997]
Development started [September 14, 1997]
Research started [March 10, 1997]