FontCreator - Release History

FontCreator 9.0 [Jun 9, 2015]
  • OpenType Designer which allows you to visually edit OpenType Layout Features including, but not limited to::
    • OpenType class based kerning
    • Mark to Base, Mark to Mark, Mark to Ligature, and Cursive attachments
    • Substitutions like ligatures and alternates
    • Anchor Manager
  • Import of Visual OpenType Layout (VOLT) projects
  • Unicode 7 support
  • New settings added to the web font test page
  • Copy glyph outline as vector data to clipboard
  • Optimised font export
  • Improved optical metrics
  • Enhanced auto kerning
  • FontCreator 8.0 [Jun 5, 2014]
    • Visual editing of OpenType Layout Glyph Positioning (GPOS) including, but not limited to:
      • OpenType based kerning pairs
      • Mark to Base and Mark to Mark attachments
      • Anchor Manager
    • CFF based exporting
    • Unicode 6.3 support
    • Complete unicode blocks
    • Redesigned font export workflow
    • Better automatic hinting
    • Easier editing of customizable data files
    FontCreator 7.5 [Aug 2, 2013]
    • Added support for scalable color fonts
    FontCreator 7.0.1 [June 21, 2013]
    • Added glyph tagging
    • Added glyph name generation
    • OpenType Layout Feature glyph name list updated
    • Added support for "Multiple" substitutions in the OpenType Layout Feature Editor
    • Added support for multiple backtrack, input and lookahead groups for chained contextual lookup tables
    • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements
    FontCreator 7.0 [April 25, 2013]
    • Completely redesigned overview window
    • Opening and exporting of fonts in WOFF file format
    • OpenType Layout Features
    • Project based font editing
    • More operations have Undo/Redo support
    • Support for Jumplists and Taskbar progress in Windows 7 and up
    • Optical Metrics
    FontCreator 6.5 [November 8, 2011]
    • Added override range feature
    • Updated registered vendor data
    • User editable sample text in font test dialog
    • Free Draw
    • Enhanced the visual validation feedback within the glyph edit window
    • Improved preview toolbar
    • Auto correct postscript names on loading a font
    • Support for OpenType fonts which exceed CFF Subroutine stack limits
    FontCreator 6.2 [October 13, 2010]
    • Updated Unicode data to version 6.0
    • Added Position transform feature
    • Improved import of vector based images
    • Extended composite data
    • Several new and updated transform scripts
    • Minor tweaks and bug fixes
    FontCreator 6.1 [March 25, 2010]
    • Automatic online version checking
    • New toolbar: window tabs
    • Mouse wheel zoom support (glyph edit window)
    • Full Unicode support
    • Performance enhancements
    • Font installation fix for Windows x64
    • Numerous other improvements and bug fixes
    FontCreator 6.0.1 [July 18, 2009]
    • Improved import vector based images
    • Improved support for Windows Big5, PRC, and Wansung
    • Enabled Font Test during trial period
    • Fixed Font Install issue
    FontCreator 6.0 [June 17, 2009]
    • Added import vector based images (ai/eps/pdf)
    • Improved import raster based images
    • Advanced drag and drop support
    • Added alphanumeric to the glyph sort feature
    • Updated font vendor list
    • Background image enhancements
    • Improved complete composites
    • New feature that copies existing glyph to the background image
    • Improved codepage calculation
    • Enhanced the Smoothing (Grayscale) window
    • Improved cubic to quadratic bezier curve conversion (affects AI/EPS/PDF imports as well as .otf to .ttf conversions)
    FontCreator 5.6 [July 19, 2007]
    • Improved complete composites (automatically generates outlines for over 2000 glyphs!)
    • New and improved transform scripts (for example make a bold version, or add Eastern Europe characters within seconds)
    • Auto Center and Zoom Glyph when Window is resized
    • Launch MainType from the Tools, Launch Externals Submenu or the button on the Standard toolbar
    • Glyph caption in Overview window now supports "Symbol Character", used to be ISO
    • Improved glyph validation performance
    • Numerous enhancements to the transformation features
    • Improved background image support
    • Enhanced the Kerning window
    • Option to resume from last time
    • Added a Calculate button to the "Additional Metrics"
    • Added the glyph index to the min/max values within the Font Properties window
    • Save As and Sort Font buttons
    • Added "Open in New Window" when you right-click a composite glyph member
    • Metrics and reference lines in the Glyph Edit window
    • New feature that ensures valid PostScript glyph names
    • Added import kerning pairs with their values
    • Added Open link in webbrowser buttons to specific naming fields
    • New fonts come with predefined outlines
    • Sort glyphs by Microsoft code points, standard Macintosh ordering, PostScript name, or glyph type
    FontCreator 5.5 [May 30, 2006]
    • Changed product name from Font Creator to FontCreator
    • Enhanced user interface with additional buttons for frequent commands
    • More shortcuts and commands to context menus
    • Support for Unicode input (At least Windows 2000 or Windows XP is required)
    • New drawing tools: rectangle and ellipse
    • Improved glyph validation
    • Improved PANOSE settings
    • Added a font preview to the open installed fonts dialog
    • Improved the font test dialog
    • Added align and distribute operations
    • Improved transform wizard (added Insert Characters and Complete Composites)
    • Improved "Select Incomplete glyphs"
    FontCreator 5.0 [January 12, 2005]
    • Changed product name from Font Creator Program to Font Creator
    • Better support for adding (ranges of) characters
    • More calculation support in the Font Settings window
    • Enhanced grid options
    • Snap to grid and snap to guidelines for bearings
    • Support for CFF based OpenType fonts (.otf files)
    • Complete composites; quickly add diacritical marks to incomplete glyphs
    • Contour operations: union, intersection, exclusion and knife
    • Bearings tab on the Transform toolbar
    • Improved glyph validation
    • Comparison toolbar