FontCreator - Release History

FontCreator [December 20, 2016]
  • Improved OpenType layout feature preview: rand (Randomize) now shows random alternates
  • Bug fix related to Auto Kern and Optical Metrics
FontCreator [December 9, 2016]
  • Improved Search dialog
  • Bug fix related to exporting CFF based fonts
  • A couple of minor tweaks
FontCreator [December 6, 2016]
  • Fixed the Access violation in FCOutDrw.dll
  • Solved the problem that OpenType CFF font files took forever to open
  • Solved the overlapping and intersecting contour issue
  • Reduced the amount of memory need to open and save fonts and font projects
FontCreator [November 30, 2016]
  • Improved glyph outline editor
  • Autokern unmapped glyphs
  • Color-coding of kerning pairs in list box
  • Added language option in WOFF Test page
  • Paste (and paste special) supports Anchors
  • Complete composites (CompositeData.xml) supports glyph names
  • Extensive updates to Complete Composites for Latin Extended-B, C, D, and for unmapped glyphs
  • Improved display of glyphs
  • Fill color in OpenType Designer
  • New insert glyphs transform feature
  • Smart glyph navigation based on active category
  • Improved detection of overlapping kerning classes
  • Support for feature params in OpenType code compiler for character variants, optical size, and stylistic sets
  • New [+] button in OpenType Designer to add selected OpenType feature glyphs to preview
  • Some minor enhancements and bug fixes
FontCreator [July 4, 2016]
  • Fixed Windows 10 incompatibility issues with CFF based OpenType fonts
  • Improved contour direction detection
  • Updated naming language id list
  • Improved preview of OpenType layout features
  • Visually reversed order of backtrack in chaining context lookups
  • Updated OpenType layout feature script, language, and feature tags
  • Several minor improvements
FontCreator [June 28, 2016]
  • Fixed the broken complete composites feature
  • Bug fix in the OpenType layout features
FontCreator 10.0 [June 22, 2016]
  • Unicode 9 support, including 72 new emoji characters and support for several lesser-used languages
  • New vector based import of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • Copy and paste as SVG between FontCreator and other vector editing software, e.g. Inkscape, and Adobe Illustrator
  • Auto correct contour directions on importing an SVG
  • Contour optimize feature which reduces the number of points (nodes)
  • New glyph transformer features (optimize contours, inverse effect, and select range of glyphs by glyph name)
  • Improvements related to OpenType layout features
  • Added support for design and supported languages tags (dlng and slng in the sfnt font table meta)
  • New extend corner feature which allows you to make adjustments to a curve without interfering with the adjacent curve
  • Ellipse tool draws a "perfect circle" with 20 nodes instead of 12 if drawn at very large sizes
  • New vector based import of Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) files
  • Tag enhancements (indication in Glyph Edit window, tag context menu items, toggle, and shortcuts)
  • Improved font validation checks
  • Added Total Points to the Font Information dialog
  • Improved Knife Tool cursor
  • New Pan with middle mouse button
  • Shift + Q/W to select multiple points with the keyboard (implemented for both point and contour mode)
  • Pre-processing of images (scaling up small bitmaps before tracing contours will improve the results)
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes
FontCreator [February 9, 2016]
  • Several bug fixes related to OpenType layout features
  • Updated ttfautohint to version 1.5
FontCreator 9.1 [January 29, 2016]
  • Several bug fixes; mainly related to OpenType layout features
  • Support for custom font weights
  • Unicode 8 support
  • Export all open font projects
  • Supporting VOLT 1.4 projects
FontCreator 9.0 [June 9, 2015]
  • OpenType Designer which allows you to visually edit OpenType Layout Features including, but not limited to:
    • OpenType class based kerning
    • Mark to Base, Mark to Mark, Mark to Ligature, and Cursive attachments
    • Substitutions like ligatures and alternates
    • Anchor Manager
  • Import of Visual OpenType Layout (VOLT) projects
  • Unicode 7 support
  • New settings added to the web font test page
  • Copy glyph outline as vector data to clipboard
  • Optimised font export
  • Improved optical metrics
  • Enhanced auto kerning
FontCreator 8.0 [June 5, 2014]
  • Visual editing of OpenType Layout Glyph Positioning (GPOS) including, but not limited to:
    • OpenType based kerning pairs
    • Mark to Base and Mark to Mark attachments
    • Anchor Manager
  • CFF based exporting
  • Unicode 6.3 support
  • Complete unicode blocks
  • Redesigned font export workflow
  • Better automatic hinting
  • Easier editing of customizable data files
FontCreator 7.5 [August 2, 2013]
  • Added support for scalable color fonts
FontCreator 7.0.1 [June 21, 2013]
  • Added glyph tagging
  • Added glyph name generation
  • OpenType Layout Feature glyph name list updated
  • Added support for "Multiple" substitutions in the OpenType Layout Feature Editor
  • Added support for multiple backtrack, input and lookahead groups for chained contextual lookup tables
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements
FontCreator 7.0 [April 25, 2013]
  • Completely redesigned overview window
  • Opening and exporting of fonts in WOFF file format
  • OpenType Layout Features
  • Project based font editing
  • More operations have Undo/Redo support
  • Support for Jumplists and Taskbar progress in Windows 7 and up
  • Optical Metrics
FontCreator 6.5 [November 8, 2011]
  • Added override range feature
  • Updated registered vendor data
  • User editable sample text in font test dialog
  • Free Draw
  • Enhanced the visual validation feedback within the glyph edit window
  • Improved preview toolbar
  • Auto correct postscript names on loading a font
  • Support for OpenType fonts which exceed CFF Subroutine stack limits
FontCreator 6.2 [October 13, 2010]
  • Updated Unicode data to version 6.0
  • Added Position transform feature
  • Improved import of vector based images
  • Extended composite data
  • Several new and updated transform scripts
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes
FontCreator 6.1 [March 25, 2010]
  • Automatic online version checking
  • New toolbar: window tabs
  • Mouse wheel zoom support (glyph edit window)
  • Full Unicode support
  • Performance enhancements
  • Font installation fix for Windows x64
  • Numerous other improvements and bug fixes
FontCreator 6.0.1 [July 18, 2009]
  • Improved import vector based images
  • Improved support for Windows Big5, PRC, and Wansung
  • Enabled Font Test during trial period
  • Fixed Font Install issue
FontCreator 6.0 [June 17, 2009]
  • Added import vector based images (ai/eps/pdf)
  • Improved import raster based images
  • Advanced drag and drop support
  • Added alphanumeric to the glyph sort feature
  • Updated font vendor list
  • Background image enhancements
  • Improved complete composites
  • New feature that copies existing glyph to the background image
  • Improved codepage calculation
  • Enhanced the Smoothing (Grayscale) window
  • Improved cubic to quadratic bezier curve conversion (affects AI/EPS/PDF imports as well as .otf to .ttf conversions)
FontCreator 5.6 [July 19, 2007]
  • Improved complete composites (automatically generates outlines for over 2000 glyphs!)
  • New and improved transform scripts (for example make a bold version, or add Eastern Europe characters within seconds)
  • Auto Center and Zoom Glyph when Window is resized
  • Launch MainType from the Tools, Launch Externals Submenu or the button on the Standard toolbar
  • Glyph caption in Overview window now supports "Symbol Character", used to be ISO
  • Improved glyph validation performance
  • Numerous enhancements to the transformation features
  • Improved background image support
  • Enhanced the Kerning window
  • Option to resume from last time
  • Added a Calculate button to the "Additional Metrics"
  • Added the glyph index to the min/max values within the Font Properties window
  • Save As and Sort Font buttons
  • Added "Open in New Window" when you right-click a composite glyph member
  • Metrics and reference lines in the Glyph Edit window
  • New feature that ensures valid PostScript glyph names
  • Added import kerning pairs with their values
  • Added Open link in webbrowser buttons to specific naming fields
  • New fonts come with predefined outlines
  • Sort glyphs by Microsoft code points, standard Macintosh ordering, PostScript name, or glyph type
FontCreator 5.5 [May 30, 2006]
  • Changed product name from Font Creator to FontCreator
  • Enhanced user interface with additional buttons for frequent commands
  • More shortcuts and commands to context menus
  • Support for Unicode input (At least Windows 2000 or Windows XP is required)
  • New drawing tools: rectangle and ellipse
  • Improved glyph validation
  • Improved PANOSE settings
  • Added a font preview to the open installed fonts dialog
  • Improved the font test dialog
  • Added align and distribute operations
  • Improved transform wizard (added Insert Characters and Complete Composites)
  • Improved "Select Incomplete glyphs"
FontCreator 5.0 [January 12, 2005]
  • Changed product name from Font Creator Program to Font Creator
  • Better support for adding (ranges of) characters
  • More calculation support in the Font Settings window
  • Enhanced grid options
  • Snap to grid and snap to guidelines for bearings
  • Support for CFF based OpenType fonts (.otf files)
  • Complete composites; quickly add diacritical marks to incomplete glyphs
  • Contour operations: union, intersection, exclusion and knife
  • Bearings tab on the Transform toolbar
  • Improved glyph validation
  • Comparison toolbar
FontCreator 4.5 [August 17, 2004]
  • Set Left Side Bearing at x=0 (see Tools -> Options -> Font)
  • Better support for assigning code points from the Supplementary Planes
  • Glyph Transformation window (scale, rotate, etc. all glyphs)
  • Select incomplete glyphs. This way you can delete unwanted glyphs
  • Bookmark support in the Overview window
  • Improved Import Image feature
  • Added drag and drop support for import image on both Overview and Glyph Edit windows
  • Added Launch Externals from Tools menu for Fonts folder and CharMap
  • Next and previous contour – walk through. (Q and W)
  • Snap to grid and guideline support when creating a new contour
  • Lock guidelines support
  • Extended the Naming tab on the Options window. This information is added when you create a new font through File --> New
  • Generate postscript names feature added to the Postscript Names window
  • Calculate supported Unicode ranges on Font Settings --> Ranges tab
  • Calculate supported codepages on Font Settings --> Ranges tab
  • Added predefined preview text (preview.txt) used by the Preview toolbar
FontCreator 4.1 [December 1, 2003]
  • Improved support for Supplementary Multilingual Planes (SMP)
  • Added snap points to diagonal guidelines
  • Extended search glyph functionality
  • Added measurement feature
  • New freehand selection toolbar button
  • Improved redundant point validation
  • Changed the Validation report into a wizard
  • Added auto fix functionality that solves detected validation problems
  • Added Sort Glyphs feature
  • Enhanced the paste special feature
  • Minor tweaks
FontCreator 4.0 [May 16, 2003]
  • Windows XP Theme support
  • Improved Open Installed Fonts window
  • Added High-Logic Online in Help menu
  • Sample glyph to be used on empty glyphs
  • Zoom to selected
  • Improved Import Image feature
  • Several new toolbar buttons
  • Snap to grid (points and contours and glyphs)
  • Snap to user defined guidelines (points and contours and glyphs)
  • Split TrueType Collection or Extract TrueType Fonts from TrueType Collection
  • Glyph Validation features
  • Added import kerning pairs support to the AutoKern feature
  • A Font Creator Program Explorer context menu item
FontCreator 3.1.3 [December 9, 2002]
  • Improved the AutoNaming wizard
  • Improved Unicode support in the Preview window
  • Improved Unicode support in the Naming fields
FontCreator 3.1.2 [November 29, 2002]
  • Added Insert Glyph toolbar button
  • Added more shortcuts
  • New naming wizard
FontCreator 3.1.1 [November 3, 2002]
  • Fixed paste special mapping bug
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Improved the help file
FontCreator 3.1 [October 3, 2002]
  • Added a complete the help file
  • Added background image support
  • Some minor improvements
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs
FontCreator 3.0.2 [November 3, 2000]
  • Added combine and split contours functionality
  • Fixed two minor bugs
FontCreator 3.0.1 [October 7, 2000]
  • "Make simple" that converts composite glyphs to simple glyphs.
  • New "Find" option that enables you to find glyphs through their postscript name or mapping values.
  • "Preview Window" where you can see a sample text while editing your glyphs.
  • Improved the undo redo functionality.
  • Copy and paste selections of glyphs.
  • Character to Glyph Index Mappings now show the Unicode Character Names.
  • Add mappings through the Unicode Block Selection Feature.
  • The kerning window shows the two glyphs in the same area.
  • PCL5 window.
  • AutoMetrics.
  • AutoKern.
  • Updated the tutorial.
  • A lot of other minor improvements and new features.
FontCreator 3.0 Beta 1 [July 30, 2000]
  • A complete rebuild of the software.
FontCreator 2.2 [January 30, 2000]
  • Updated the tutorial (to version 2.2).
  • Fixed Windows NT access problem with registry and installed fonts.
  • Extended the naming fields also added load and save functionality.
  • Added Monospaced support; adjust distance between letters (requested by Richard R. Kramer and Eric K. Braun).
  • Added more keyboard shortcuts; read the tutorial regarding simple glyphs for specific information.
  • Small adjustments to the templates; version field was not correct.
  • Added an optionally fixed zoom level when opening a glyph. (Antony Shipley mentioned this one).
  • Various tiny bug fixes and enhancements.
FontCreator 2.1 [November 14, 1999]
  • Updated the tutorial (to version 2.1).
  • Improved the default new font templates. The symbol template used wrong mappings.
  • Added drag and drop functionality to open font files dragged from the explorer to FCP.
  • Added Naming fields License Agreement and License Agreement Link.
  • The Position and the Size Tab on the Transformation Tool Bar now have the actual location and size of the selected contours.
  • Added "Select All" functionality for both contours and points.
  • If a composite glyph used two or more times a same glyph (like the double-quote ") only one was removed when trying to delete the used glyph.
  • A composite glyph should be set to an empty glyph after all its used glyphs are removed.
  • Added "delete gaspranges" available through right-click from menu-item "grayscale..".
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when closing FCP while two or more fonts were still opened.
FontCreator 2.0 [August 30, 1999]
  • The created and modified date and time properties were not handled correctly.
  • Bug fixed (introduced in version 1.2.1) that resulted in only square (or empty) characters in the test window.
  • Bug fixed that prohibited deleting glyphs in fonts without kerning.
  • The Font Creator Program now prevents exceptions when encountering wrong registry keys when opening the installed fonts window.
  • Added 'Use my metrics' to composite glyph window.
  • Bug fixed that caused an exception when removing the kerning table.
  • Improved the "New Fonts..." feature.
  • Code mappings from the General->Cmap menu item now works with both decimal and hexadecimal values (Thanks to Michael von Glasow).
  • Now you can select what header (postscript name or map codes) is shown above the glyphs in the overview window (Suggested by Tom Thornton, Eric Dowty, Anders Sande and a lot of other people)
  • Set the maximum length of the Font Family Name to 31. Otherwise Windows does not recognize the font.
  • Fixed a small but annoying samplebar bug.
  • Added more info in statusbar while editing simple glyphs.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't enable the paste button when another Font Creator Program performed a copy operation.
FontCreator 1.2.3 [August 1, 1999]
  • Added functionality that changes the bearings in the glyph edit windows.
  • Some minor bug fixes.
  • Panose information swapped the wrong way. (This bug and the two below were noticed by Uwe Schröder)
  • Width classification bug fixed.
  • Handling of backup files didn't work properly.
FontCreator 1.2.2 [June 12, 1999]
  • First release of the tutorial!
  • Added Grayscale support. Found in General->Grayscale...
  • Pasting bitmap from clipboard is now allowed (in glyph edit window).
  • Bug fixed, now hinting will be removed when editing a glyph. This was not always the case in version 1.2.1.
  • Added a SpinEdit to the Threshold in the Image to Contour window.
  • Fixed a bug with the glyphs advanced width and left side bearings.
  • Added ascent and decent lines in glyph edit window.
FontCreator 1.2.1 [June 2, 1999]
  • Kerning glyphs
  • Preserve unknown tables
  • Preserve hinting in font and/ or glyphs. Hinting will only be removed when editing a glyph
  • Reserved Postscript names are mapped to the .notdef name
  • FCP now 'highlights' unused glyphs (actually a little box is shown in the glyph overview window)
FontCreator 1.2 [May 26, 1999]
  • New advanced feature Image to Glyph conversion added - available from Contours->Import Image... Finally you can add your signature, logo and complete handwriting into your own fonts!
  • Added High-Logic [HL] to the Vendor List!
  • After saving a font file the font is assumed to be unmodified. This improves the functionality added in version 1.1.4.
FontCreator 1.1.4 [May 15, 1999]
  • Improved the Splash screen.
  • Overlapping points are now drawn as one point. This prevents an even number of points on the exact same position to hide themselves out.
  • Improved the Change setting for Unicode <-> Symbol.
  • Now FCP does a better job of remembering what fonts have been modified. In other words, fonts that not have been changed are now closed without the annoying warning of "saving the font Y/N?". (Thanks to Gwidon S. Naskrent). One more thing; because FCP isn't able to see wheather there's changed anything in a 'General' menu item, FCP assumes the font has been changed if one of those menu items has been selected.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when closing all windows at ones. It will still occur when you have opened more than 100 fonts at ones.
  • About the Transformation Toolbar - changed the minimum value of the Size edit boxes from -32767 to 1 and changed the direction from the y-axis.
FontCreator 1.1.3 [April 22, 1999]
  • Fixed a strange bug that occurred when using a mousewheel after FCP was shell executed because an associated file got opened.
  • Finished the toolwindow mentioned in release 1.1.2. Jeff Williams encouraged me to make this feature so manual changes could be made.
  • Added 'snap to grid' support. (Gave it a higher priority thanks to Jeff Lee)
  • Changed the way the actual grid point size behaves. Now it really helps when trying to line up those long lines.
  • The functionality of the 'New contour' feature has been changed. Now the user has to design the contour (manually draw the points). This makes it a lot easier to quickly add contours.
  • Also a lot of small changes and some internal restructuring has taken place.
  • The 'testing a font' feature inside the Font Creator Program now supports printing.
FontCreator 1.1.2 [April 9, 1999]
  • Double-click in the Glyph Edit window now changes from contour mode to point mode and back.
  • Multiple Undo and Redo Boxes like MS products.
  • Associating the .ttf extension to FCP was never a problem but now it is able to restore the association to the previous application.
  • Finally fixed a bug that sometimes occurred while pasting a large number of glyphs, contours or points.
  • New Floating and dockable toolbars so now FCP has an even more professional interface.
  • Added a checkbox that specifies whether the Font Creator Program should redraw the editing screen while moving contours and points.
  • Started with a toolwindow where you can edit contours and points by typing coordinates etc. This is not finished yet...
FontCreator 1.1.1c [March 15, 1999]
  • Better way of testing the fonts inside FCP, now all character sets are available.
FontCreator 1.1.1b [March 14, 1999]
  • Some small fixes, but the improvements are quite big!
  • Updated the new font templates.
  • Added some features in the Metrics menu item. Previous versions prevented installing and creating Symbol fonts.
FontCreator 1.1.1a [March 11, 1999]
  • Completely redesigned the font installation procedure. Now you are guided through a Wizard, making it possible to inform you when a font is already installed.
  • Open installed font file located in a folder other than the default windows folder now works as expected.
  • Backups for fonts located in the default windows font folder are saved to the fcp folder. This way Windows won't get confused about which fonts actually are installed.
  • Fixed byte versus smallint bug. Some composite glyphs had an unexpected change of the x-offset -- Henry Kammler thanks for reporting this bug.
  • Added color to the glyph captions. This option (like a lot of other options) can be changed through the "Edit->Options" menu item.
  • Made the char grid navigable via arrow keys. The scrollbar lost focus. Gwidon S. Naskrent mentioned this bug and a lot of good tips.
  • When a font has corrupted glyphs they won't show up, you'll see a red rectangle instead.
FontCreator 1.1.1 [March 3, 1999]
  • Some major bug fixes and a lot of new features added.
  • Finally all required internal font properties are available.
  • New bearings button added.
  • New Table Info menu item added.
  • Some useful tips through the 'tip of the day' feature.
  • A lot of index properties changed to descriptions.
  • New functionality -- convert between Unicode to Symbol Platform.
FontCreator 1.0.8 [February 21, 1999]
  • Added new menu item "Mode" where you can change between contourmode and pointmode while editing a simple glyph.
  • Extended the glyph properties window.
  • New settings window added to the General menu item.
  • Some major/ fundamental bug fixes, according to deleting contours and points.
  • Changed the way of inserting and deleting glyphs. Now all edit-glyphs windows of the current font have to close before you can perform those operations.
  • More options added to the "Edit -> Option" menu item.
  • Added some new internal calculations, improves the quality of the font file.
  • The "File -> New..." menu item has been implemented. You can choose between a new symbol font and a normal (Unicode) font.
  • Added some settings like glyph width, height and size at overview and samples window.
FontCreator 1.0.7 [February 16, 1999]
  • Some major bug fixes.
  • Found some nasty bugs in the Undo, Redo and Repeat functionality.
FontCreator 1.0.6 [February 7, 1999]
  • Some minor changes (button and window positions, sizes etc...)
  • Registry items like recently opened files, position and size of mainform and tool window(s).
  • Registration window, for registered users. At the moment it doesn't mean they get more features. But future versions will have some restrictions for unregistered users.
  • New edit window for changing a glyph's internal name.
  • Fixed a bug with the zoomin button.
  • Fixed a bug with selecting multiple contours.
FontCreator 1.0.5 [January 25, 1999]
  • Fixed problem with locating the help file. Fixed thanks to Tom TCNS, Derek Baker and Del Fullmer.
  • Open Font files now allows you to open fonts in the Windows font directory.
FontCreator 1.0.4 [November 4, 1998]
  • Fixed a couple of submenu (right-click menu's) items that where not attached to the existing functionality.
  • Corrected our e-mail and web-site address in the help file.
  • A little more documentation in the help file. Working on this one, but it will take some time.
  • Direct connection through the program to a file at our site, of course only if the user (you) want this!
FontCreator version 1.0 [April 11, 1998]
  • First public release
FontCreator Preview release [November 1, 1997]
Development started [September 14, 1997]
Research started [March 10, 1997]