MainType - Release History

MainType [March 29, 2017]
  • Improved preview of loaded fonts
  • Force fonts to install in Windows fonts folder
  • When tagging fonts, the list will no longer update automatically, so you can continue to tag fonts in the same view
  • When a single font family (in family grouping) is selected, all fonts can be installed, loaded, and uninstalled
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes
MainType [July 4, 2016]
  • Prevent fonts from installing directly from a removable disk
  • Several other minor improvements
MainType [June 15, 2016]
  • New Loaded and Installed fields in custom views
  • Fixed hidden groups issue
  • Updated plugin for InDesign 6
  • Fixed type 1 font preview issues
MainType 7.0 [June 8, 2016]
  • New Free Edition for non-commercial use
  • New Adobe InDesign CC plugins
  • Export loaded TrueType and OpenType fonts
  • Drag and drop from Windows file explorer
  • Enhanced Layout Manager
  • Define font size for printing font listings
  • Improved custom views
  • New automatically install fonts feature
  • Support for team synchronization through sync folders
MainType 6.0 [November 4, 2014]
  • Font tagging
  • Synchronize font folders
  • Improved registry fixer
MainType 5.1.2 [February 13, 2013]
  • Performance improvements
  • Several bug fixes
MainType 5.1.1 [January 23, 2013]
  • Fixed a bug that caused a rare but annoying deadlock
MainType 5.1 [January 11, 2013]
  • Reintroduced copy text as RTF from Sample panel
  • Fixed a font install issue
  • Fixed issue within character grid while in glyph mode
  • A hand full of minor tweaks
MainType 5.0 [September 27, 2012]
  • Font registry fixer
  • Invalid font resource overview
  • Ability to remove fonts from ignored fonts list
  • Directly install/uninstall fonts by clicking the font status icon
  • Directly rate fonts by clicking the stars in the rating column
MainType 4.5 [May 31, 2012]
  • Network support
  • Font auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe InDesign (CS5-CS6)
  • Print full character repertoire
  • Show fonts with missing characters in red
MainType 4.0 [September 02, 2011]
  • New user interface
  • Improved performance
  • New user views
  • Quick search
  • Optimized support for large font collections
  • Easy backup and restore of your font library
  • New layout features improves usability
  • Detailed side-by-side font information
MainType 3.0 [March 31, 2010]
  • Better handling of font substitutes
  • New context menu item: Open Containing Folder
  • New filter option, Font Type: Unknown
  • Added Foundry and a Full Font Name (Postscript) columns to the Fonts pane
  • Show all Glyphs option
  • Fixed issues with PostScript Type 1 fonts on Windows x64
  • New setting for font display quality (aliased/ cleartype, etc)
  • Automatic online version checking
MainType 2.1.1 [May 16, 2007]
  • Install and uninstall fonts through double-click
MainType 2.1 [May 2, 2007]
  • Type preview text into Font pane drop-down list
  • Character zoom popup window
  • More predefined font variables
  • Use ALT-<character code> to insert characters into the Sample pane
  • Improved appearance (colors in samples and zoom pane, row striping in the list of fonts)
  • After the trial period MainType will continue to run, but in restricted mode
MainType 2.0 [July 25, 2006]
  • Enhanced print options
  • Improved font export
  • Added browse favorites
  • Search by Unicode Character codepoint
  • More Layout features improves usability
  • More font information (Unicode ranges, tables, etc.)
MainType 1.1 [February 2, 2006]
  • Added shortcut support
  • Enhanced print options
  • Improved Export Font Information to HTML
  • Added a Welcome dialog
  • Added an Update Reminder dialog
  • Improved font folder processing
MainType 1.0 [December 2, 2005]

First release of MainType. This powerful font manager for Windows offers a straightforward and easy-to-use interface to help you maintain your fonts.