AutoKern - Import

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This step is used to import kerning pairs from file. Press the [...] button to select the file with the kerning pairs.


Two kerning pair files are available from the kerning folder. If you are editing a basic font (mostly ASCII characters) then you can use the standard kerning definition (KerningStandard.txt) and more advanced fonts should use the extended one (KerningExtended.txt).


You can also create a kerning definition file from an existing font by opening the font and export the kerning pair information through the Kerning dialog.


Format should be <First Glyph ASCI I  Character or Unicode Value><Second Glyph ASCI I

Character or Unicode Value><carriage return or space><The rest of the line is ignored>



Because Character \ is used as prefix for hexadecimal Unicode values, the ASCII character \ should be placed twice to distinguish between them. For example:

\\\2019 is a \ followed by a quoteright

\20195 is a quoteright followed by digit 5.


Tip: To generate a kerning pair file with a list of kerning pairs from another font, open this particular font and go to Kerning window from the Format menu and press the Save as Text button.


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