Complete Composites

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Use the Complete Composites feature to add composite glyph members to your glyphs. To use this powerful feature, select a glyph, or a range of glyphs, right-click and select Complete Composites. The selected glyphs will be composed using data in CompositeData.xml, which is read when FontCreator first uses the feature. This feature works with over two thousand glyphs that are defined in this file. To get the most out of this feature follow these guidelines:

The selected glyph(s) must be mapped with a Windows Unicode mapping.
If the selected glyph(s) are empty or simple they will be replaced wherever composites are defined. Do not include simple glyphs in your selection if you don't wish to replace them with composites.
If the selected glyph(s) are already composites they will be replaced only if the composite glyph members are different, not if their positions or scale factors are different.
All composite members must be present in the font. If any composite members are mapped, but still empty, the composite glyph will be completed, though obviously missing the contours that have not been defined yet.


Info: Read the documentation about the content of the file CompositeData.xml and an explanation about how to modify and add glyphs. This document is available from our website:


Note: Complete Composites is not available in the Home Edition of FontCreator.