Edit a Glyph - Character A

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From the Glyph Overview window we double-click on the cell with the caption "A". Now we see the corresponding Glyph Edit window. Choose Contour in the Insert menu. During this operation a left mouse-click creates a point onto the contour and a right mouse-click creates a point off the contour (used to create a B├ęzier curve).

Press the Apply button (or click on the first point) to finish the contour. We create two contours in order to complete the glyph.


Contours that need to be filled black must have a clockwise direction. If we want to make a white area inside an existing contour we must make the direction of the new contour counter clockwise.

Finally make sure the contours are within the visible area (as described in the previous section); if necessary adjust the left and right bearings.

We close the Glyph Edit window to return to the Glyph Overview window.