Edit a Glyph - Character A

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From the Glyph Overview window we double-click on the cell with the caption "3". Now we see the corresponding Glyph Edit window. Choose Freedraw Contours in the Insert menu. During this operation a left mouse-click draws and a right-click erases .

Press the Convert to contours button to convert the freedraw image to contours.

The contours should stay within the visible area, this area is defined by the WinAscent and WinDescent reference lines and the left and right bearings (vertical dashed lines). Make sure the glyph is within this area, parts outside this area will most likely be invisible. The left and right bearings can be changed by dragging them to their desired position. The glyph should be positioned between these lines, otherwise characters will overlap each other.

We close the Glyph Edit window to return to the Glyph Overview window.