Glyph Properties

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You can change the glyph's properties by right-clicking a single glyph in the Glyph Overview window or Glyph Edit window and selecting the Properties menu item. Here you can edit the Postscript Name, Metrics and Mappings.


General information about the glyph is found on the General page.


The features at the Mappings page are also available through Mappings from the Format menu.

Postscript Name

The Postscript Name of the glyph. It has the same value as found in the Postscript Names window (accessed from the Post menu item from the Format menu). Press the Generate Name button to let FontCreator fill in the field.

Left Side Bearing

The (horizontal) start position of the glyph.

Advance Width

The width of the glyph and its surrounding space.


Tip: You could also adjust the Left Side Bearing and Advance Width in the Glyph Edit window, by changing the vertical bearings.