Simple Glyphs - Join and Split Contours

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Both Contour mode and Point mode have ways to combine and split contours. Usually Union, Intersection and Exclusion, available in Contour mode, and Knife, available in both modes, are recommended. If these features don't give expected results the two remaining features (Join Contours and Split Contour) available in Points mode might help.

Union, Intersection and Exclusion in Contour mode

Use the Union feature to merge several overlapping contours.

Use the Intersection feature to keep all overlapping parts.

Use the Exclusion feature to remove all overlapping parts.

Knife in both modes

Use the Knife feature to split contours.

Join Contours and Split Contour in Point mode

When you want to combine two contours you have to select one point on each contour. Next right-click one of these points and click "Join Contours" on the shortcut menu.


To split a contour into two contours, select two points (these points should not be neighbors) on the same contour and then right-click one of these points and click "Split Contour" on the shortcut menu.


Note: Make sure the two combining contours have the same direction.


Note: Union, Intersection, Exclusion and Knife are not available in the Home Edition of FontCreator.