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On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Font tab.


Select the actions you want to be performed when a font file is opened. Unsupported tables and existing hinting data can be preserved or deleted. Some other tables can be removed by selecting the corresponding check boxes.


There are some options that can be performed when saving font files.


Always create backup copy (bak)

Copies the previous version of a font file as a backup copy every time you save a font. Each new backup copy replaces the previous backup copy. FontCreator saves the backup copy (with a file name extension .bak) in the same folder as the original and adds a special header to the file.


To restore to the backup file open it in FontCreator and save it back with the ttf extension.


Optimize name table

This will optimize the storage of naming fields in the name table.


Compress hmtx table

This will compress the hmtx table.


Exclude monospaced fonts

According to Microsoft; avoid using compressed format for monospaced fonts at this juncture.


Recalc glyph bounding boxes

This feature will recalculate the bounding box for all glyphs. Simply opening and saving a font will ensure correct bounding boxes for all glyphs. Normally this feature will not affect fonts.


Update Modified DateTime field

Sets the Modified DateTime field, located on the Header page (Settings window), to the current date and time.


Recalc average char width

This feature will recalculate the Average Char Width located on the General page (Settings window).

Exclude monospaced fonts

The average character width is very important with monospaced fonts, so it is recommended to not automatically change this value.


Long-aligned local offsets

It is recommended to save local offsets long-aligned.  Offsets which are not long-aligned may seriously degrade performance of some processors.


Set left side bearing point at x=0

This option moves glyphs, so the left side bearing point is set at x=0. This prevents potential display problems.