Options - Overview

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On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Overview tab. Here you can adjust the Glyph-cell width and Glyph-cell height and the caption.


In the Overview window all glyphs are displayed in a cell. Use Glyph width and Glyph height to change the size of these cells.


Select the Show caption check box to display the caption.


To distinguish the types of glyphs the captions have different colors:

Grey: empty glyph,
Pink: empty glyph used by composite glyph(s)
Green: simple glyph, consists of contours
Red: simple glyph that is also used by a composite glyph
Blue: composite glyph, consists of other glyphs
Purple: composite glyph used by other composite glyph(s)


Unselect Use type color in glyph caption to show all captions in black.


Select Smooth glyphs to smooth the edges of the outlines. This is off by default as screen redrawing may be slow with less powerful computers.


With the Show sample in empty glyphs feature, all empty glyphs will be presented by a sample glyph. These samples will be displayed in gray with the font that can be selected through the Font used by samples box.


Select the kind of Caption that is used to display the postscript name, the mappings or the index of the glyphs for each cell in the Overview window.