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In the Postscript Names window (select Post command from the Format menu) you can edit the postscript names for all glyphs. Normally the postscript names are related to the mappings. Postscript names are not always included, especially in large fonts the postscript names are left out.


Windows does not actually require Postscript name information for the glyphs. However it is recommend to include the postscript names because some word processors and DTP applications depend on this information. Also the printing behavior of fonts that have not included the postscript names is unspecified on PostScript printers, except that it should not result in a fatal or unrecoverable error. Some drivers may print nothing, other drivers may attempt to print using a default naming scheme.


To alter a postscript name, select the appropriate glyph and use the text box to enter the postscript name. Press the Generate Name(s) button to let FontCreator fill in the field(s).


Use Force Valid Names, to ensure the fields contain only valid characters. Valid characters are 'a' to 'z', 'A' to 'Z', '0' to '9', underscore ('_'), and the period ('.'), however the name must not start with a period.