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During the trial period, FontCreator runs in Professional Edition mode, but saving and installing fonts is disabled. After using FontCreator for a 30-day trial period, you must register and pay for it, or remove it from your system. Registering makes your copy legal and helps support our efforts to develop innovative products to best serve your needs. Thank you for your support of FontCreator!

Why Register?

Registration allows you to continue using FontCreator 6.5 and entitles you to the following benefits:

All future versions of FontCreator 6.x.
Direct e-mail support from the developers.

Home Edition versus Professional Edition

The Professional Edition incorporates all features available in the Home Edition and also includes these additional features:

Complete Composites; adds glyph members from composite data
Insert Characters feature to add one or more characters at once
Advanced contour operations: union, intersection and exclusion
Knife feature to split contours
Batch transformation of characters
Font validation
Automatic kerning

To Register

The quickest and most convenient way to register is online via credit card. Other supported payment methods like checks and cash are also supported. For more details take a look at our registration page: