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The Classification page is used to alter the PANOSE and font family fields. On the Format menu, click Settings, and then click the Classification tab.


Classification - Weight

Indicates the visual weight (degree of blackness or thickness of strokes) of the characters in the font.

Classification - Width

Indicates a relative change from the normal aspect ratio (width to height ratio) as specified by a font designer for the glyphs in a font.

Note: Although every character in a font may have a different numeric aspect ratio, each character in a font of normal width has a relative aspect ratio of one. When a new type style is created of a different width class (either by a font designer or by some automated means) the relative aspect ratio of the characters in the new font is some percentage greater or less than those same characters in the normal font -- it is this difference that this parameter specifies.


These fields are a classification of the font-family design.

The font class and font subclass are registered values assigned by IBM to each font family. These fields are intended for use in selecting an alternate font when the requested font is not available. The font class is the most general and the font subclass is the most specific. More information about this field is available online:


Font Design

Contains information concerning the nature of the font patterns, as follows:


Characters are in the standard weight/style for the font.


Characters are emboldened.


Font contains italic or oblique characters, otherwise they are upright.


Characters are underscored.


Outline (hollow) characters, otherwise they are solid.


Characters are overstruck.


Characters have their foreground and background reversed.


Font contains oblique characters.


Comments: These fields contain information on the original design of the font. Italic and Bold can be used to determine if the font was designed with these features or whether some type of machine simulation was performed on the font to achieve this appearance. Underscore, Negative, Outlined and Strikeout are rarely used fields that indicate the font is primarily a decorative or special purpose font.


If the Regular flag is set, then the Italic and Bold flags must be clear, else the behavior is undefined. The settings of the Italic and Bold flags must be reflected in the Mac Style flags. While the Regular flag set implies that both Mac Style flags Italic and Bold are clear (along with the Font Design flags Italic and Bold), the reverse is not true. The Mac Style flags (and the Font Design flags Italic and Bold) may be clear and that does not give any indication of whether or not the Regular flag is clear (e.g., Arial Light would have all flags cleared; it is not the regular version of Arial).


Mac Style

If the font is bold set the Bold flag

If the font is Italic set the Italic flag

If the font is both bold and italic set both Bold and Italic flags.

Set other flags as required.


Note that Mac Style fields should agree with the Font Design fields. These Font Design fields are used over the Mac Style fields. The PANOSE values in the Classification tab and 'post' settings in the post tab are ignored for determining bold or italic fonts.