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Global and horizontal layout information about the font is found on the Header page (Font Settings window). On the Format menu, click Settings, and then click the Header tab.

Contents and Layout Version

After version 0 some fields became deprecated, or have been updated, while additional fields where included:

Version 1 includes the Code Page Character Range.

Version 2 updated Unicode Character Ranges and includes the Additional Metrics fields.

Version 3 updated Unicode Character Ranges.

Version 4 changed deprecated font direction hint.

Font revision Version

Set by the font manufacturer.

Note: For historical reasons, the Font revision version is not used by Windows to determine the version of a font. Instead, Windows evaluates the version string from the Naming window.

Units Per Em

Valid range is from 16 to 16384. This value should be a power of 2 for fonts that have TrueType outlines. Nowadays 2048 units per em value is the best value for all fonts of any size including large Latin or non-Latin script fonts.

This value is used to convert values in the pixel coordinate system by multiplying them by a scale. This scale is:

pointSize * resolution / ( 72 points per inch * units_per_em )

Smallest read. size

Smallest readable size in pixels. Most fonts have this value set to 9.

Font direction hint

Select the appropriate field. Most Latin fonts have this value set to Only strong left to right.

Note: A neutral character has no inherent directionality; it is not a character with zero (0) width. Spaces and punctuation are examples of neutral characters. Non-neutral characters are those with inherent directionality. For example, Roman letters (left-to-right) and Arabic letters(right-to-left) have directionality. In a "normal" Roman font where spaces and punctuation are present, the font direction hints should be set to Strong left to right, contains neutrals.

Font Header Flags

This field is used to specify the global information about the font. Press the Edit button to modify this field through the Font Header Flags window.

Font Embedding - Licensing Rights

Indicates font embedding licensing rights for the font.

Press the Edit button to modify this field through the Font Embedding Licensing Rights window.


The date and time the font was created, press the Now button to set these fields to the current date and time.


The date and time the font was last modified, press the Now button to set these fields to the current date and time.

Font Vendor - Identification

This is not the royalty owner of the original artwork. This is the company responsible for the marketing and distribution of the typeface that is being classified. It is reasonable to assume that there will be 6 vendors of ITC Zapf Dingbats for use on desktop platforms in the near future (if not already). It is also likely that the vendors will have other inherent benefits in their fonts (more kern pairs, unregularized data, hand hinted, etc.). This identifier will allow for the correct vendor's type to be used over another, possibly inferior, font file. This field is not required.

Microsoft has assigned values for some font suppliers. Uppercase vendor ID's are reserved by Microsoft. Other suppliers can choose their own mixed case or lowercase ID's, or leave the field blank.