Test and Install the Font

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Now we have finished the first two characters we want to see the result. We test the new font by selecting Test in the Font menu. Type upper case "A" and "B" in the text field to see your creation.


In order to install a font we first need to save the file. Select Save as in the File menu and choose the name (for example C:\MyFonts\MyHandwriting.ttf) and destination.

Note: It is not recommended to save font files directly into Windows Fonts folder.


To make your font available to other applications select Install in the Font menu. The Font Installation wizard will guide you through the installation process.

At the end of the installation process you will be informed that the font is installed successfully. Now you will be able to select the font in any program that supports TrueType fonts.

When you are satisfied with the font and you don't intend to add more outlines, you can remove all incomplete glyphs from the font. First select Select Incomplete from the Edit menu. Next select Delete from the Edit menu. You then need to save, and reinstall the font.