Test your Fonts

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If you want to know how your font is going to look you can test it any time during the development process.


You can enter your own text into the Test window. FontCreator will remember this text so you can always test your fonts with your preferred text.

If you want to test how your font will look when it's printed you press the Print button. The Bold and Italic buttons are available for fonts that really are bold, italic or bold italic.


Note: The Test Font dialog uses a standard Window text control, that unfortunately doesn't support kerning. However there is a nice trick that allows you to easily test your font within another application like Microsoft Word. While the Test Window is visible you can select the font in other software as well. Usually it has a name like FC Test Font 012345. When you use the Test Window again you'll have to change the font's name in Word, because the name always changes (for example FC Test Font 66493).