Toolbars - Overview

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The toolbars give you one-click access to many of the commands on the menus. Some menu items have toolbar icons next to them so that you can quickly associate the command with that icon.


FontCreator's toolbars can be shown or hidden as needed. By default the Standard, Drawing, Grid, Glyph and the Align or Distribute toolbars are docked below the menu bar. Choose Toolbars from the View menu to select toolbars to display or hide, or right-click on any toolbar to get the same submenu.

The window tab bar cannot be moved or undocked. You can however close it through the Toolbars item from the View menu.

Tips: Toolbars can be rearranged by dragging, docked on the left, right, top, or bottom of the FontCreator window, or made floating. In the Glyph Edit Window, to quickly close a floating toolbar, click the Close button on that toolbar, or use its shortcut key.


To undock a docked toolbar, double-click its grab handle where the four-arrow cursor is displayed. To dock it again, double-click the floating toolbar's title bar. The Transformation, Validation, Preview, Background Image and Comparison toolbars cannot be docked, but they can be toggled on/off with shortcut keys F6, F7, F8, F9, and F11 respectively.