Using the Glyph Overview

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In the Glyph Overview window all cells have a caption and a part that shows the glyph.


To distinguish the types of glyphs the captions have different colors:

Grey: empty glyph,
Pink: empty glyph used by composite glyph(s)
Green: simple glyph, consists of contours
Red: simple glyph that is also used by a composite glyph
Blue: composite glyph, consists of other glyphs
Purple: composite glyph used by other composite glyph(s)



A special border around the colored dot (see the red dot at the 'x') indicates that the glyph itself is not directly available (there is no mapping information) in the font file. Empty glyphs (the 'y' and the 'braceleft') will show a sample character based on the first valid Windows mapping.


Each cell has a caption that is used to display the postscript name, the mappings or the index of the glyphs. To select the kind of caption, select Options on the Tools menu and go to the Overview tab page or right-click in the Glyph Overview window and select a specific caption.