Your First Font -- a Brief Tutorial

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The quickest way to introduce yourself to FontCreator is to make a font. To make it personal we will describe how to make a font of your own handwriting.

On the File menu, click New to create a new font.

It is important to give our handwriting font a personal name, otherwise we will not be able to identify (and install) the font properly. The font name is not the same as the filename (for example timesbd.ttf has Time New Roman Bold as the font name, where Times New Roman is the font family name and Bold is the font style).

To give our font a name we type "My Handwriting" in the Font family name field and press the OK button.


Now you will see the Glyph Overview window. All cells have a caption and to give you a visual guidance, most cells contain a sample character shown as light blue outlines. Sample characters don’t really exist in the font, you have to add glyph data yourself. In this tutorial we will add this data for glyphs mapped to character 3, A and B.