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Character Map

With Windows Character Map you can insert special characters into documents and the Test window.

From your Start menu mouse over Programs, Accessories, and System Tools, and then click on Character Map. In the Character Map select the appropriate font. Click the letter or symbol you need and click the Select button. Add more characters if needed and finally click the Copy button. Now go to your document and select Paste from the Edit menu or use the shortcut Ctrl-V.

Note: To type special characters (like the copyright sign) of the font in your word processor or page layout program, hold down the Alt key, and then, by using the numeric keypad, type 0 (zero) followed by the corresponding decimal character code. Make sure NUM LOCK is on.

Another way to input Unicode characters is the hexadecimal entry method that works with WordPad and Microsoft Word. Probably more applications will follow soon. Basically you type a character's hexadecimal code (in ASCII), making corrections if needed, and then type Alt+X. This will replace the hexadecimal code by the corresponding Unicode character. The same key combination Alt-X can be used to reveal a character's code. If the hexadecimal code is preceded by one or more hexadecimal digits, you need to "select" the code so that the preceding hexadecimal characters aren't included in the code. The code can range up to the value 0x10FFFF, which is the highest character in the 17 planes of Unicode.