Glyph Transformer

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Glyph Transformer

The Glyph Transformer wizard can be selected from the Tools menu. Glyph transformations are scripts for changing the shape and size of glyphs, and for automating other repetitive tasks.


FontCreator comes with 70 powerful scripts. There are scripts that allow you to change a font into an italic or bold version. Other scripts extend a font's range by adding characters for Greek Extended, Eastern Europe, Vietnamese, Ligatures, Small Capitals, and more. Several transform scripts use glyph names to insert unmapped glyphs for use with OpenType features: Petite and Small Capitals for Latin and Greek, Titling Capitals, Ordinals, Alternative Fractions, Lining, OldStyle, Proportional and Tabular Figures, Subscripts for fractions, Discretionary Ligatures, Stacking Diacritics, and Low Profile Diacritics. Each script contains descriptive comments and advice on how to use it.

These scripts can be modified to suit your needs, and you can compose custom scripts by adding commands from the list of available features on the left. Save them to use again later using the save icon, and load a saved script using the folder icon. Press the OK button to execute the currently loaded script on the current glyph in the glyph edit window, on the selected glyphs, or on the entire font.

Tip: Save the font and copy the selected glyphs before using the Transform wizard, as this operation is not undoable.


Info: If you really want to get the most out of this feature, we encourage you to read the document Using Glyph Transformations, available from our website:


Note: The Transform wizard is not available in the Home Edition of FontCreator.