Grid Options

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Grid Options

You can adjust the way the grid in the Glyph Edit window is drawn in the Grid Options window (select Grid Options from the Tools menu).


Here you can change the minimum distance, color and style.


The Snap to Grid function automatically places selected glyphs, contours and points along the grid. When you release a selection, FontCreator moves it until the edges are aligned with the nearest grid lines.

You must choose the Show Grid command before you can use the Snap to Grid function. To activate the Snap to Grid function, click the Snap to Grid button on the toolbar or choose Snap to Grid from the View menu.


When the Snap to Grid function is active, its button on the menu and toolbar appears pressed in. Choose the command or click the button again to turn off the function.


Note: Grid options are project specific. This means you can have different grid settings for each of your projects.