Guidelines - Options

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Guidelines - Options

To open the Guidelines Options window click Guidelines Options on the Tools menu. The Guidelines Options window is also activated when you double-click the rulers in the Glyph Edit window.


Here you can show and hide the guidelines, and change the guidelines style and color.


The Snap to Guidelines function automatically places selected glyphs, contours and points along the guidelines. When you release a selection, the FontCreator moves it until the edges are aligned with the nearest horizontal or vertical guidelines. It is also possible to snap points to diagonal guidelines. You must choose the Show Guidelines command before you can use the Snap to Guidelines function. To activate the Snap to Guidelines function, select the Snap check box, click the Snap to Guidelines button on the toolbar or choose Snap to Guidelines from the View menu. Select the Lock check box, or select the Lock Guidelines button on the toolbar,  to prevent accidental movement of the guidelines.


Press the New button to define a new guideline. Press the Modify button to modify an existing guideline. To delete an existing guideline select it from the list view and click the Delete button. Use the Clear button to remove all guidelines.


If you want to add a horizontal or vertical guideline you can drag one from the top or left-hand ruler in the Glyph Edit window. Hold down the left mouse button and release it after you have moved the pointer to the desired position. To remove a guideline, simply drag it back to the ruler.


In order to rotate a guideline, press and hold down the Shift key before moving the guideline. Rotating a horizontal or vertical guideline will change the guideline into a diagonal guideline.


Select one or more contours (or one or more composite glyph members) and right-click and then select Add Bounding Guidelines to add two horizontal and two vertical guidelines that correspond to the selection bounding box.


To copy a guideline to a new position, hold down the Ctrl key as you drag the guideline.

Tip: Select one point in a Glyph Edit window and press the G key on your keyboard to add a horizontal and vertical guideline that goes through the selected point.

Tip: Select two points in a Glyph Edit window and press the G key on your keyboard to add a guideline that goes through the selected points.

Note: user-defined guidelines are project specific. This means you can have different user-defined guidelines for each of your projects.