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On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Font tab.

Generate friendly glyph names

This option will generate friendly glyph names on opening a font file. Some fonts contain invalid or awkward glyph names, while more recent fonts no longer come with glyph names. FontCreator will try to generate glyph names that best represent the glyphs. It is recommended to set this option, but if you use more tools to edit your fonts, it might be best to keep glyph names untouched.

Enable open contours

This option will allow you to design single line fonts. Such fonts are mainly used for engraving, so such fonts usually looks strange in regular software. If this option is enabled, the Font Export Settings dialog will show an additional option, Open Contours.

See Single Line Fonts for more information.

Exclude legacy data

By default FontCreator will only store naming fields in the Windows platform, which is used cross-platform nowadays. If your font must also include legacy naming fields for the Macintosh platform, the uncheck this option.