OpenType Layout Features - lookupflags

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OpenType Layout Features - lookupflags

The lookupflags keyword is used to modify several flags (properties) of a lookup. The current supported flags are:


This bit relates only to the correct processing of the cursive attachment lookup type (GPOS lookup type 3). When this bit is set, the last glyph in a given sequence to which the cursive attachment lookup is applied, will be positioned on the baseline.


Skips over base glyphs


Skips over ligatures


Skips over combining marks


Indicates that the lookup table structure is followed by a MarkFilteringSet field. The layout engine skips over all mark glyphs not in the mark filtering set indicated.

Applying lookupflags to a lookup:

lookup MyLookupTable {

 lookupflags <flags>;



When you want to apply more than one flag to a lookup, simply separate them by spaces.

Note: Lookup flag names are case-sensitive.