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Toolbars - Preview

While editing a font, you can preview the results with the Preview toolbar. You can choose a standard text sample from the drop-down list or enter your own text. It can be toggled on and off using the F8 shortcut key and is available in both the Font Overview window and the Glyph Edit window.

Selected glyphs in the overview window can be displayed in the Preview toolbar by pressing the "P" shortcut key. You can also use "Shift P" to add the selected glyphs to the current text.

The preview is not a full blown OpenType text shaping engine, but is still extremely useful while testing your font, metrics, kerning and other OpenType layout features it contains. Use the Test TrueType/OpenType to see how your font behaves in Windows, and use Test Web font to test it in your default Web browser.


The drop down lists available at the upper left and the first edit control after these lists are all related to OpenType Layout Features as defined in the OpenType Designer dialog. To test language specific features, do select the corresponding script in the first drop down list, and then select the language in the second drop down list.

The edit control can be used to select which alternates to show.

To test your kerning, select the kern feature in the list of features. You can select multiple features so you can see how they work together.

On the upper right side there are two fields which allow you to set the size of the text and the text itself. To force a line-break in the preview area, enter "/newline" in the preview text.

The Preview toolbar can be resized to show more text.


If you wish to edit a glyph's outline or adjust its metrics, click the specific glyph in the preview area to jump to it in the Font Overview or Glyph Edit window.


Note: If the Glyph Display Mode (available from the View menu) is set to Auto or Color, then the foreground and background color come from the Palette toolbar.