What's New in FontCreator 11.5

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What's New in FontCreator 11.5

New features in this version of FontCreator include:

Support for Unicode variation sequences

Comes with ttfautohint version 1.8.1

Open contours while designing fonts

Export as single line font *

Support for last resort fonts

Several bug fixes

Numerous enhancements and improvements


*) Open contours are not allowed in fonts, so FontCreator will do some magic to make fonts look like single line fonts which can be used for engraving.


New features since version 11 of FontCreator include:

Support for cubic Bézier curves (CFF/ PostScript based outlines)

New icon set (and improved High DPI / Large Fonts support)

Font validation improvements (contour direction, extreme control point, and new suspicious points)

Improved complete composites

Enhancements to transform scripts

Vertical metrics support (mostly useful with fonts that are used for vertical writing, e.g. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts)

Support for launch custom externals

Improved installed fonts dialog

New option for glyph fill opacity in glyph edit window

New edit, search and replace for glyph names

Unicode 10 support

Improved auto kern and optical metrics

Enhancements to the OpenType feature code syntax

New option to keep existing glyph names on opening a font


FontCreator is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version is faster with time-consuming tasks like autokern, optical metrics, exporting fonts, and image to outline conversions. It is also able to make use of more memory which is especially useful if you edit large fonts.

A complete list of current and previous changes can be found online: