AutoMetrics - Metrics

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With the Automatic Metrics wizard (select AutoMetrics from the Tools menu), you can generate the bearings for a selection of glyphs.


The list of characters that will be processed is:






In Optical mode most common character pairs are analyzed to find the best optical space before and after each character. Please note that this process can take between several minutes up to several hours.

Choose how to calculate the advance width for digits.


It is common digits all have the same advance width, as it allows numerals to align vertically in tables and financial statements.


All digits have their own advance width.

This feature is not available in the Home and Standard editions of FontCreator.

Note: Add specific OpenType Layout Features if you want to include both Tabular and Proportional digits.


Fixed Bearings

In Fixed Bearings mode the white spaces before and after the selected glyphs will be modified. You can select the glyphs in step 2.

Fixed Width

In Fixed Width mode the advance width will be modified so all selected glyphs have the exact same with. This is especially useful  for converting a proportional font into a monospaced font. You can select the glyphs in step 2.


Note: Fixed might also be useful for the digits (characters 0 to 9), as it is common they all have the same advance width.