Copy and Paste Glyphs

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The Paste Special command is used to specify what parts of a group of glyphs (already copied to the clipboard) should be pasted.


You can select any number of glyphs in the Font Overview window by clicking on them while holding down the Ctrl key. You can perform several operations on the selected glyphs. If you paste the selection to another font the glyphs will be pasted to the selected glyphs. If you want the pasted glyphs to be placed in another position you can select the same number of glyphs you copied prior to the paste action, or select just one glyph.


Outline Data will copy the outlines.

Metrics are the Left Side Bearing and Advance Width of each glyph

Glyph Name will paste all glyph names

Codepoints will paste the mappings. Keep same codepoints adds new mappings to the glyphs. Mappings that already exist will be reassigned to the pasted glyph(s) when the Overrule same codepoints option is selected. You can also choose to add mappings. Add codepoints adds all mappings. When mappings are already available, they will be reassigned to the pasted glyph(s).