Create a Font Project

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On the File menu, click New Project to create a new font.

Font family name

In Windows, the Font family name is displayed in the font menu. The Font family name will appear as the font name when you select a font in a word-processing program, etc.

Font style

The font will be identified through its Font family name and the Font style. In order to create a full font family, you will need to create four fonts, each with a different Font style, but with the same Font family name.

Predefined outlines

Selecting "Include outlines" will add outlines for several common characters. This will speed up creating your new font. You can replace or modify these glyphs later. The outlines can be used royalty free in your own fonts.


Note: On the Naming tab, accessed by Tools -> Options, there are default naming values, that will be added to the new font.

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