Export a font

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To export an active project to a TTF/OTF or WOFF font select one of the export formats in the Export Font submenu in the File menu. The first time you export your font you will be asked to choose an output location. If you want to export the active project with a different name, or in a different location, select Export Font As in the File menu,



When you open an existing font, the export settings will be set in a way that they match the original font properties as much as possible.


Output File

Location where the file will be exported. If this field is left blank, FontCreator will show a save dialog the first time you export the font.


Warning: It is not recommended to export your font directly into the Windows fonts folder.

Warning: Files locked by Windows can't be saved. This happens when the Operating System keeps the font in memory. You could try to uninstall (delete) the font through the Windows fonts folder.

Outline Format

TrueType - The font is exported with TrueType outlines

CFF (Postscript) - The font is exported with CFF outlines



Glyph Names

Whether or not to include Glyph names in the font. It is recommended to include them in TrueType/OpenType fonts but they can be omitted in WOFF fonts to reduce the file size.


Legacy 'KERN' Table

No - No legacy kern table is added to the font

Yes - A legacy kern table added to the font


OpenType 'GPOS' Table

No - No GPOS table is added to the font

Yes - GPOS table is added with the features from the OpenType Designer


OpenType 'GSUB' Table

No - No OpenType Layout Features are embedded in the font.

Default Script - Common OpenType Layout Features are automatically added to your font based on the available glyphs.

Custom Script - The features defined in the OpenType Layout Features Editor are embedded into the font.


Note: OpenType Layout Features are ignored for Symbol Fonts.

Note: Custom Script is not available in the Home Edition of FontCreator and will revert to Default Template



Hinting information will improve readability on screen for smaller font sizes.

No Hinting - No hinting is added to the font

Autohinting - Hinting information is automatically generated

Keep Original - Stores hinting information that was originally available in the font.


Note: Hinting is not available for CFF outlines


XML Metadata (Web Font only)

If enabled, a small xml file is embedded in the font that allows web browsers to identify the font without having to load the entire font.



Legacy TrueType Fonts

Sometimes it's preferred to export a font in the old TrueType format for older software. Set the export settings to the following settings:


Outline Format: TrueType

Glyphnames: Yes

Legacy 'KERN' Table: Yes

OpenType 'GPOS' Table: No

OpenType 'GSUB' Table: No

Hinting: No Hinting