OpenType Designer - Pair Adjustment

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Pair adjustments are most commonly used to create kerning pairs.

On the right pane you can change the properties for each glyph separately, or when you create a group of glyphs, modify the properties of each glyph in the group simultaneously.

When you select a pair containing a group, the droplist on the top of the right pane allows you to select a single glyph from the group, please note however that when you edit a value, it will be for all glyphs in the group at once.

To modify the values, you can either type in the values manually, or use your mouse and keyboard to drag the glyph into the right position.

The left and right mouse buttons allow you to change the XAdvance of the glyph you click on
While holding down the shift button, you can change the XPlacement and YPlacement of the glyph you click on.


Note: For a description of the XAdvance, YAdvance, XPlacement and YPlacement fields, please see the Pos Syntax


Add a new Pair Adjustment


Delete the selected Pair Adjustment


Reset the values to their previous values


Set all fields to zero