Glyph Properties

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The Glyph Properties toolbar provides a quick way to view and edit some of the most common glyph properties.

Glyph Name

The Glyph Name of the glyph. Press the Generate Name button to let FontCreator fill in the field.


The codepoints assigned to this glyph. Press the Select Unicode Character button to select a character from the Unicode Character list. Press the Generate Codepoint button to let FontCreator fill in the field automatically. It is possible to enter multiple code points by separating them by commas, but it's common to have only one character mapped to each glyph.

Unicode name

The Unicode name of the first code-point

Left Side Bearing

The (horizontal) start position of the glyph.

Right Side Bearing

The (horizontal) end position of the glyph.

Advance Width

The width of the glyph and its surrounding space.


The horizontal offset between x=0 and the Left Side Bearing.


This button allows you to collapse or expand the toolbar, showing only the most common information.





Tip: You could also adjust the Left Side Bearing and Advance Width in the Glyph Edit window, by changing the vertical bearings.