OpenType Layout Feature Editor

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The OpenType Layout Feature Editor allows you to take full control over all the supported OpenType Layout Fea2tures in your font. Because adding features can be very time-consuming the editor uses a scripting language that is very easy to use and understand.

The OpenType editor supports a script-based syntax to define OpenType Layout Features for both Glyph Substitions (GSUB) and Glyph Positioning (GPOS). Even though GPOS syntax is supported, we recommend using the editor only for GSUB declarations and define the GPOS features using the Opentype Designer.



To test if the syntax is correct and all Glyph names are valid, select Compile in the Actions menu, use the shortcut key F9, or click the button on the toolbar. If there are any syntax errors or glyph names that could not be resolved, the Output window will list them. You can double-click on the error to quickly jump to the line where the error occurred.

The script is saved in your project file, but if you wish to save it to a separate file you can choose Export Script... from the File menu.


Note: The OpenType Layout Feature Editor is not available in the Home Edition of FontCreator.