Options - Advanced

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On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Advanced tab.


Warn before executing Glyph Transformer script

This indicates and determines if a warning will be issued when the Transform wizard is finalized. If this is not checked, no warning will be given.

Warn when opening 10 or more fonts

This indicates and determines if a warning will be issued when opening 10 or more fonts. Opening a lot of fonts at the same time will require a lot of system resources.

Create backup copy (bck) on saving a font project

Copies the previous version of a font project as a backup copy every time you save a font project. Each new backup copy replaces the previous backup copy. FontCreator saves the backup copy (with a file name extension .bck) in the same folder as the original.

Check for updates

Set the interval that FontCreator uses to check for updates. An interval of Once a week will ensure you are always working with the latest version of FontCreator.

Data Files

FontCreator uses several data files for advanced settings and customizations. Normally these files are stored in a system folder where they cannot be changed. If you want edit these data files they must first be copied to your user data folder. First click "Copy Data Files to User Data Folder" and then "Open User Data Folder" to start editing the files. See FontCreator data files for more information.