Simple Glyphs - Points

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In Point mode the rectangles represent on curve points and the circles off curve points.

Select points

To select a single point click on it. To select more than one point hold down the Shift key while clicking on several points or another way is to hold down the left mouse button and drag a rectangle around the points you want to select simultaneously, whether a few or all points in the glyph. Use the Ctrl-A shortcut to select all points. Hold down the Shift key and select points you want to add or remove from the current selection.

Move selected points

To constrain a selection so it moves only horizontally or vertically, press Shift as you drag the selection. Press Alt to ignore the snap to grid and snap to guidelines features.


There are several operations related to points (move, add, delete, change points to on or off curve, etc.). Select one or more points and then right-click one of them to open a sub-menu with even more point related features.


Every contour has a start point with a green mark and an end point with a red mark. To change the start point, right-click a point and select First Point.