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Views panel

The views panel provides single-click access to a selection of fonts based on their font properties.

Predefined views

MainType comes with several predefined views:

Active Fonts

List of fonts currently installed and loaded on the system


Entire list of all fonts in your library.

Recently Added

List of fonts recently added (indexed) to the font library

Top Rated Fonts

List of fonts that have a rating of more than 4 stars

Ungrouped Fonts

List of fonts that have not been categorized in groups yet.

Unrated Fonts

List of fonts that have not been rated yet

Untagged Fonts

List of fonts that do not have any tags yet

Custom views

It is also possible to define your own views so you can view a selection of your fonts with just a single click. To create a new view, click the "Create a custom view" button and the View Editor will be shown:

Modify the available properties to your needs and click the save button to store your view. If modifying of the properties is too slow, you can disable the auto-refresh by clicking the appropriate icon.


Note: The Custom Views feature is only available in the Professional Edition of MainType.