Generate Web-based Font Collection

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Generate Web-based Font Collection

With MainType you can easily export font data to web pages (HTML) as shown below.


Note: HTML web export is not available in the Free Edition of MainType.



Option for exporting all fonts or only selected fonts.

Web Page Generation

Select the template folder

Select the folder where the template files are located. Usually there is no need to change this, unless you have moved the template files or made a custom template. You can use predefined font variables in the templates.

Select the output folder

Select the folder where you want to save the exported files.

Maximum number of fonts per page

Set the maximum number of fonts per page.

Overwrite existing files (.html .gif...

Ensures that exported files are saved.

Font Preview Image Generation

Width and Height

Set the dimension of the preview images.


The preview text. You can use predefined font variables here.

Font Size

The font size used to create the preview images.

Left margin

Sets the left margin of the preview text by specifying the number of pixels.

Foreground and Background

Use these to change the colors of the preview image.


Check this when you want transparent images.

When finished display in default...

Shows the main page of the font export in your default web browser.