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Font List

Font List panel

The font list is one of the most important panels as it shows the list of fonts based on the selected view or group. When the Active view is selected, it will show all active fonts. Active fonts are either installed or loaded, thus available to all applications. The toolbar contains a Preview Text combo box through which you can change the text shown in the "Preview" column.



The status of each font is represented by a colored ball in the "State" column.

The font is not loaded and not installed

The font is installed and loaded

The font is loaded through MainType and can be unloaded

The font is installed, but not loaded

The font is loaded by an external application and MainType cannot determine where it is located. The font cannot be unloaded through MainType.

At least one font of a family is loaded (only visible when family grouping is enabled)


By default, MainType displays eleven columns in the fonts panel. If you right-click on any column header you can change the visibility of the columns and restore them to their original size. If the name of a column is checked, it will appear in the panel. You can change the width of each column by left clicking on the vertical bars between each column and dragging it either left or right. To change the order of the columns left click on the column header and drag it to the left or right. Left-click on any column to sort the fonts.


To change font list related settings, select Options from the Tools menu and then click the Font Lists tab. among other things, it allows you to show the preview of fonts in red when the font is missing any of the characters needed for the preview text. This powerful feature quickly tells you which fonts lack characters you require.


In the Options Dialog, on the Font Lists tab, you can enable/disable the preview of fonts in red when the font is missing any of the characters needed for the preview text. This helps find only fonts that contain the characters you need for a specific project.


The mouse wheel can be used to zoom in or out when the CTRL key is pressed. If you also press the SHIFT key, the cell size won't change, but the character size will change. To rest to the default sizes, select Reset Font Sizes from the View menu.


Note: To prevent your system from running out of resources, the 32 bit edition of MainType will show at most 50000 fonts at once in the font list . MainType can easily manage many more fonts, so if your font library contains more than 50000 fonts, do consider tags, views, ratings, or groups to browse subsets of your collection, or install and use the 64 bit edition of MainType as that edition doesn't have this limitation.