Font Information

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Font Information

Font information panel

The font information panel reveals important typographic data, like font name and weight. some fonts contain more information than other fonts, due to differences in font types and because font designers can, to some extent, decide what information is stored in a font.


The resources section reveals where MainType found a font on your file system.


Note: Even though the Embedding and Copyright fields give a good indication on how you may use a font, you should always read the license agreements you received with your fonts or contact the vendor to ensure that you do not violate any restrictions.

Font information comparison

The font information panel can also be used to compare font information between multiple fonts (up to 5).

To add a font to the comparison, select it in the font view and click the icon to "lock" it into the comparison. When you click another font it will be compared to the locked fonts. To remove a font from the comparison click the icon. It is also possible to add fonts to the comparison by dragging them from a font list onto the comparison panel.