Install, Load, and Uninstall

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Install, Load, and Uninstall

Active Fonts

In MainType a font is considered active when it is either installed or loaded.

An installed font is both added to the system font table and to the font related part of the registry. All fonts in the system font table are available to all applications. Due to the entry in the registry an installed font is always available even after a reboot.

A loaded font (also known as a temporarily installed font) is added to the system font table, but not to the font related part of the registry. Because all fonts in the system font table are available to all applications, loaded fonts (just like installed fonts) are available to all applications. However loaded fonts are no longer available after the system is rebooted.

Select Multiple Fonts

To select multiple fonts do one of the following:

To select consecutive fonts, click the first font, press and hold down SHIFT, and then click the last font.

To select nonconsecutive fonts, press and hold down CTRL, and then click each font.

To select all the fonts in the list, on the Edit menu, click Select All.

Install, Load, or Uninstall Fonts

To install, load, or uninstall fonts, select one or more fonts from the fonts panel and then select the appropriate item from the File menu or press one of the toolbar buttons on the fonts panel. A font operation popup is shown while the software is processing the font tasks. This is useful for several reasons:

1.Installing fonts can take some time, especially when you are installing multiple fonts at once.

2.Some fonts might fail to install.

3.System fonts are protected by MainType and cannot be uninstalled or unloaded.


If any of the font operations fail, a warning icon will appear in the right corner of the statusbar: when you click on the text a dialog will show why the operation(s) failed:



When you uninstall an installed or loaded font, it will be removed from both the system font table and the registry. As a result, the font is no longer available. In case the font is used in an application, it will most likely show a substitute font. The original file(s) are removed from Windows fonts folder. If "Warn when uninstalling fonts" is checked in the Warnings tab of the Options dialog, a warning dialogue will be shown. You can turn off this warning if you wish.


The performance of your system is affected by the number of active fonts. We recommend that you have no more than 500 fonts installed. To ensure that you can use as many fonts as you like, organize your fonts into groups and load, install, or uninstall them when needed.