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The layout of MainType can be modified very easily by dragging and docking the panels. All panels except the main fonts view can be hidden, floating or even tabbed together to your liking. When you start dragging one of the panels a cross will appear on the current panel indicating where the panel can be docked. If you hover your mouse over one of the icons, a blue rectangle will show where the panel will be docked. You can also use one of the 4 dock icons that appear on the top, left, right and bottom of the main window, this will dock the panel over the entire width or height.

Releasing the panel on the center icon will created a set of tabs so that you do not have the panel always visible, but can easily access it by clicking the appropriate tab. To keep a panel floating above the main form simply release your mouse button while not hovering over any of the docking icons.


Dock positions available while hovering over another panel

Dock icon appearing on top of the main form while dragging a panel


You can save multiple layouts which can be loaded through the view menu or via a shortcut.

After saving a layout you can view its properties in the layout manager:


Here you can rename the layout, assign a shortcut, load or delete your layouts. Please note that only 5 layouts can have a shortcut at a time (CTRL+ 1 through 5)