FontCreator 8 - Better Font Design

June 5, 2014

Dear customer,

We've just released FontCreator version 8, introducing visual editing of OpenType layout features, a redesigned font export workflow, and on top of it you can now export OpenType fonts with CFF based outlines.

OpenType Layout Features

A year ago script based support for OpenType layout features was added to FontCreator 7. This proved to be a huge success, but also created a demand for more advanced ways to develop complex-script fonts. With FontCreator 8 we’ve made it happen by adding visual support for OpenType glyph positioning. If you’ve ever worked with VOLT, then you’ll love the way we’ve implemented single, and pair adjustments, as well as mark positioning.

Exporting Fonts

To make exporting fonts even easier, we’ve redesigned the font export workflow, and added an option to let you choose between TrueType outlines and PostScript (CFF) outlines.

Other Improvements

Group based kerning speeds up this important part of font design, and improved automatic hinting will make your fonts look so much better on screen. In addition we’ve updated the Unicode data files to version 6.3, improved the way you can edit customizable data files, and added a nifty way to ensure all characters from a specific Unicode block are available in your font.

All these new features and enhancements make FontCreator the perfect font editor for professional font designers.

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If you're not already using FontCreator, read all about it and download your free trial copy. FontCreator runs under Windows, but your fonts work practically everywhere. Upgrades for existing customers start from $49.00 up to $129.00. These and other discounts apply if you order before Wednesday, June 20.

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Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it!

Erwin Denissen

High-Logic B.V.