MainType 6 - Tag Your Fonts, That Is The Answer!

November 6, 2014

Dear customer,

We've just released MainType version 6, introducing font folder synchronization, font tagging, an improved font registry fixer, and numerous enhancements that help you control your fonts.

Font Tags

Over the years numerous customers have asked us to provide better support for searching and categorizing their font library. Previous versions of MainType already came with several ways to group and categorize font collections, but the new font tagging functionality adds another dimension to managing your font library. It allows you to provide meaningful tags to your fonts, so you can easily find and use the right fonts for every occasion.


With font folder synchronization it is a breeze to use shared fonts on a network drive, so a team can work with exactly the same group of fonts as part of their font collection. Of course it's also possible to synchronize local font folders.

Other Improvements

Several existing features have been improved. The backup and restore features are accessible through the Tools menu. Numerous new toolbar icons have been added, and several dialogs have been redesigned.

All these new features and enhancements make MainType the perfect font manager for both small and large font collections.

Get It Now

If you're not already using MainType, read all about it and download your free trial copy. MainType runs under Windows and costs $39.00 for the standard edition. The professional edition costs $79.00. Upgrades for existing customers start from $29.00. These and other discounts apply if you order before Friday, November 21.

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Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it!

Erwin Denissen

High-Logic B.V.