Master OpenType with FontCreator 9

June 9, 2015

Dear Customer,

We've just released FontCreator version 9, coming with the most comprehensive coverage ever of visual editing of OpenType layout features, a redesigned font preview which instantly shows OpenType features, and major improvements to both optical metrics and automatic kerning. We’ve also improved usability and added tons of enhancements to increase productivity.

OpenType Layout Features

With the huge popularity of professional fonts being used in desktop applications and web sites, you will love the fact that FontCreator now fully supports all OpenType layout features in the enhanced OpenType Designer. With this major new release, FontCreator now supports all OpenType features required by complex fonts such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Devanagari. It provides powerful tools for creating and editing OpenType features without the need to know how to code.

Optical Metrics and Automatic Kerning

Two of the most important and tedious tasks are defining correct left and right side bearings for your glyphs so they look great for most glyph pairs, and ensuring all other pairs look great as well, by adding kerning pairs. With the professional edition of FontCreator 9 these two tasks are greatly improved and simplified, and if you wish to manually fine-tune results, you’ll enjoy the enormous head start.

Other Improvements

We introduced editing glyphs in a word or sentence context over 10 years ago, but with this release we’ve further enhanced it to support all OpenType features. The glyph overview comes with the following new categories: Currency Signs, Punctuation, Symbols, and many more. Returned support for custom naming fields allow you set localized naming fields to your fonts.

All these new features and enhancements make FontCreator the perfect font editor for all font designers.

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If you're not already using FontCreator, read all about it and download your free trial copy. FontCreator runs under Windows, but your fonts will work practically everywhere. Upgrades for existing customers start from $39.00. These and other discounts apply if you order before Wednesday, June 24.

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Erwin Denissen

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