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Easy, Powerful Font Editing

De Bilt, Utrecht July 19, 2007 -- High-Logic has released FontCreator 5.6, a full-featured font editor for Windows that lets you easily create and modify TrueType and OpenType fonts. In addition to enhancing individual characters or entire fonts, you can turn signatures, handwriting, logos, or any images into font characters.

FontCreator lets business people tailor customized fonts to meet their needs. It's easy to add new characters to an existing font. Design custom bullet points, or include your company logo and other artwork in your day-to-day memos, letters, and flyers. Once converted to font characters, your images can be typed using any text editor, word processor, spreadsheet, or presentation program.

The program's intuitive interface lets hobbyists and professionals add new characters, or create entirely new fonts. FontCreator displays thumbnails of all of the glyphs found in the selected font. Simply select a character, and modify its appearance. Working in either contour or point mode, it's simple to modify and customize your fonts. Use FontCreator to correct fonts that display incorrectly. You can even edit and correct font names and mappings.

FontCreator gives you complete control over kerning of glyph pairs. Before installing a new font, the program lets you preview your handiwork.

New features in version 5.6 include improved generation of composites (allowing you to automatically generate outlines for more than 2,000 characters), enhanced transformation scripts that let you create hundreds of additional characters in seconds, significant revisions to the manual kerning process, and much more.

The Professional Edition of FontCreator contains features that will benefit typographers, graphic designers, font foundries, and power-users. The program's batch transformation operations let you transform an entire set of characters into something as simple as a bold, italic, hollow, or condensed font, or as complex as your imagination will allow. There are four contour operations that allow you to merge and split overlapping contours. With the Professional Edition, you can quickly add diacritical marks to characters, perform automatic kerning, and insert characters into your fonts. The Professional Edition's real-time validation features keeps you from making common mistakes; you can locate and fix duplicate or empty components, identify duplicate contours and redundant points, and find and fix other errors.

Whether you're a business person who wants to make company artwork available with a single keystroke, a home user who wants to express your creativity by designing distinctive fonts, or a type designer or graphic artist who needs a powerful application to meet your clients' demanding needs, FontCreator has the tools that you need.

FontCreator runs under Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000/NT4/Me/98/95, costs $149(US) for a single-user license of the Professional Edition, and may be ordered securely online from The Home Edition costs $79. Multi-user discounts and software bundles are available. You can download a free trial version of FontCreator from

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