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Powerful Font Editor for Professional Graphic Designers and Hobbyists

De Bilt, Utrecht April 25, 2013 -- High-Logic B.V., a leader in providing font editing software, today announces FontCreator 7, the world's most popular font editor. This version delivers powerful tools such as automatic support for OpenType layout features, Web Open Font Format, and automatic hinting.

Font Editor Supports OpenType Layout, Automatic Hinting, Web Open Font Format

High-Logic B.V. has released FontCreator 7, a powerful Windows application that makes it easy for typographers and graphic artists to create fonts, redesign existing characters, and edit font set spacing. Unlike simple character-drawing programs, FontCreator lets you view all of the characters in each font, add missing characters, modify any character's appearance, import a scanned signature or logo and turn it into a character, fix character codepoints, adjust kerning pairs, and modify font names.

New features in version 7 include automatic support for OpenType layout features, Web Open Font Format, and automatic hinting.

Common OpenType layout features, such as ligatures, fractions, and small caps, are automatically added to your fonts. FontCreator comes with an advanced OpenType layout feature editor which compiles user-defined features to a font.

FontCreator 7 supports the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) that W3C recommended in December of 2012, and which most major web browsers are scrambling to support. WOFF compresses and wraps TrueType, OpenType, and Open Font Format fonts, and allows designers to embed these fonts in their web pages.

Automatic hinting ensures that on-screen characters - especially characters in small font sizes - will be legible. FontCreator 7 identifies the pixels in each character that are most important for rendering that character clearly. The resulting fonts are much easier to read online than fonts which did not undergo hinting.

Platform and Price

FontCreator 7 runs under Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000. A single-user license for the Standard Version costs $249(US). The Professional Version costs $299, and a Home Version is available for $89. For more information, or to download the trial version, visit the product page

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About High-Logic B.V.

Since 1997, High-Logic B.V. has been developing and marketing font software for typographers, designers, and hobbyists. FontCreator has been downloaded more than four million times, and is the world's most popular font editor. The company also offers MainType, a powerful Windows font viewer and manager, and Scanahand, an application that lets users turn hand-written characters into custom fonts. For more information about High-Logic B.V. visit