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Create Handwriting Fonts In Many Major Languages

De Bilt, Utrecht October 29, 2008 -- High-Logic B.V. has released Scanahand 2, a Windows program that makes it easy for each member of the family to create custom, hand-written fonts. Scanahand lets you quickly create a font, install it in Windows in seconds, and use it in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and every Windows program that you own. You can type notes and cards in your favorite word processing software, and print them in your own handwriting.

Using Scanahand 2 Standard Edition, it's easy and fun to create a new Language Font in English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Basque, Estonian, Faeroese, Frisian, Irish, Galician, Hungarian, Icelandic, Albanian, and Esperanto. Simply print a copy of Scanahand's blank template, draw all of the characters using a black marker or felt-tip pen, and scan your drawing. Scanahand quickly builds and installs your font.

With Scanahand 2 Premium Edition, you can also create symbol fonts. The symbol can be your hand-drawn versions of popular dingbat characters. Additionally, you can make fonts based on the drawings of your pets, signatures, cartoons, or logos. You're limited only by your imagination. The Premium Edition also includes a Template Editor that allows users to create templates, each containing a user defined set of characters. This allows the generation of fonts that support numerous languages not available in the Standard Edition.

You can create a new font whenever the muse inspires you. Each family member can create fonts to reflect their moods and personalities. Creating fonts in your grandparents' handwriting will encourage them to write more often. Scanahand lets you save time writing cards for the holidays, while adding a personal touch.

Teachers can use Scanahand to inspire children to improve their handwriting. With Scanahand, kids can create computer-based documents in their own handwriting, encouraging them to work harder and learn.

Scanahand lets you digitize your signature, and use it in any Windows program. You can turn icons, company logos, or any line art into font characters. If you have a graphics program installed on your computer, it's easy to open your hand-written template, and add artistic flair to each of your font characters. You can even load your fonts onto Macintosh computers.

Whether you're a business person who wants to add a personal touch to corporate correspondence, a parent who wants all members of the family to have their own personalized handwriting fonts, a teacher who wants to track how your students' writing skills have progressed through the year, or a home user who wants to create custom fonts for each of the holidays, Scanahand has the tools that you need.

Availability and Pricing

Scanahand 2 runs under Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000/NT4/Me/98/95, costs $49(US) for a single-user license of the Standard Edition, and may be ordered securely online from The Premium Edition, with multi-page support for symbols and custom templates, costs $79(US). You can download a free trial version of Scanahand from

For more information, contact High-Logic B.V., Tuinstraat 60, 3732 VM De Bilt, The Netherlands. Internet:

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High-Logic is a privately-held firm, headquartered in De Bilt, The Netherlands. Since 1997, High-Logic has been providing font editing and font management software to business and home users. In addition to Scanahand, the company also offers MainType, a powerful and intuitive Windows font manager that makes it simple to find, preview, organize, install, and print fonts; and FontCreator, a full-featured font editor for Windows that lets you easily create and modify TrueType and OpenType fonts. For more information, visit